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January 27, 2017
American Printer
                  Weekly                                                          January 27, 2017
News, views and commentary for graphic communications professionals
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Seymour Liebman - CanonUSA Seymour Liebman Succeeds at Making the Impossible Possible
The discussion uncovers a remarkable Canon Executive with a story that leaves one amazed, impressed, and inspired. It reveals a humble and confident leader who has made his way through a long and respected career.

Workflow Maze Automated Reprint Workflow Solutions
Time, resources and trust are all affected every time a pair of hands touches a single regulated document. And don't forget that a few dollars are added to your processing costs each time.

Shoei Yamana - Konica Minolta Create New Value, Innovation with Open Collaboration
By providing solutions, we can contribute to the wellbeing of society and create business opportunities at the same time. The ability to turn problems into new values is essential for sustainable growth.

XMPie - The Customer
                                                      Journey Featured Video: The Customer Journey
When Education Meets Personalization - Keep the conversation going with your customers using XMPie software for personalization and campaign management.

Print and Graphics
                                                      Scholarship Foundation Alumni in Print: Shawn McDougall, Where Is He Now?
This series gives you an up close and personal insight into the thoughts and motivations of former students who are a part of our industry today. Read Shawn McDougall's, graduate, Columbia Southern University story.

                                                      Chadwick Benefits We Seldom See Or Know About - Sid Chadwick
Any improvement in cutting employee attrition is probably worth it. Experienced employees represent critical capital to every business, to every organization.

New CEO Ponders Xerox PARC's Fabled Past and Future
Xerox's PARC mission has in the past been instilling a "pragmatic view" to deliver wonderful inventions along with some hard lessons. Will that change under the new CEO, Tolga Kurtoglu?

Sad Passing of Xeikon founder Lucien De Schamphelaere
Xeikon is sad to announce the death of its founder Lucien De Schamphelaere on January 20. He was 85.

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