Canon Solutions America Hosts the Analysts and Media in Hollywood, Florida

February 22, 2018

The 5th Annual One Canon Event

On the Road with Andy & Julie Plata
Co-CEOs of the OutputLinks Communications Group

February 22, 2018

The annual One Canon Event has become one of the key information and networking occasions for the print-tec industry’s media and analysts. Over the past four years, the program was always excellent. But, at this year the Canon and Canon Solutions America (CSA) teams took the information exchange program to an even higher level.

One Canon 2018

Key Success Factors

The key factors to this year’s enhanced success, from our perspective, were:

  • Numbers: The number of senior-level CSA executives and senior staff members in attendance throughout the 3-day event;
  • Availability: That the CSA team made themselves available to attendees for informal information exchanges;
  • Time: A great deal of unscheduled time for attendees and CSA team members to network with each other;
  • Customers – True and honest experience sharing’s by customers both on and off stage.

The Venue

One Canon 2018 was held at the very elegant Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida. A very nice evening event provided an opportunity for CSA, analysts, and media friends and associates to meet and greet, network, and discuss business.

The event was directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Watching the boats from the hotel seemed to be a good precursor to the coming events and, here is why. A good sailor knows that it’s not the weather the determines but rather it’s how she consistently sets and manages the sails that determine if and when she reaches her destination. CSA used this event to show our fellow attendees and us how they have consistently refined and managed their business to maintain their success trajectory despite the print industry’s ups and downs over the past few years.

The New CEO

Toyo KuwamuraToyo Kuwamura, who was recently announced as the CEO Canon Solutions America, was with us this year. He opened his presentation by sharing over the past years he was CSA’s President and CEO. And, since no one had yet promoted him, this year he promoted himself to Chairman of Canon Solutions America.

At last year’s event, Canon’s Chairman and CEO, Joe Adachi presented an overview of the breadth and depth of Canon’s technology prowess including but not limited to print. Toyo’s comments expanded on many of the technology, product, and solution topics Mr. Adachi touched on last year. Then he added three new business initiatives in satellites (designed to demonstrate earth observations using Canon imaging technology), medical systems (accelerated by the company’s Toshiba Medical Systems acquisition), and sensors (to support high definition night photography and video).

 “It’s dark out there. I can’t see anything, and yet through this camera, I got lion cubs in color! It’s the first time they have ever been seen, as far as we know, by anyone.” – National GeographicCinematographer Sophie Darlington, capturing the first live color images of a family of lion cubs at night.

Executive Promotions

  • Toyo Kuwamura: Promoted from President and CEO to Chairman and CEO;
  • Peter Kowalczuk: Promoted from Executive Vice President and General Manager to President;
  • Francis McMahon: Promoted from Vice President to Executive Vice President, Production Print Solutions

Toyo Kuwamura  Peter Kowalczuk  Francis McMahon

Each of Toyo’s direct reports made presentations throughout the morning with information related to their areas of responsibility. Here are a few highlights of what we heard:

  • 2017 was an amazing year for CSA;
  • Revenue has grown 6% and profits 4% year over year;
  • A 22% increase in ColorStream printer placements;
  • A 52% growth with the i300 installations;
  • Color was dominant for the first time with 53% of the pages printed in 2017 being color;
  • Color dominance is expected to increase in 2018 dramatically;
  • Security is now top of mind for CSA and its customers with new tools and business alliances to protect customers from cyber mishaps;
  • The Océ Colorado wide format printer, introduce last year is quickly becoming the industry’s UVGel standard
  • The Océ ProStream 10000 continuous feed inkjet press has now launched with the first one in the US at Darwill;
  • And the list goes on.

The One Canon concept that Toyo Kuwamura introduced has enabled CSA to better refine and manage their business to maintain their success trajectory despite the print industry’s ups and downs over the past few years.

OneCanon MalRetired in 2017

  • Bill Midgley, Senior Vice President,
  • Mal Baboyian, Executive Vice President,
  • Jim Sharpe, Senior Executive
  • Mike Roberts, Vice President Sales

All retired in 2017 and were given recognition for their years of excellent service to Canon, CSA, and its customers.

Mal Baboyian attended the Monday evening cocktail and dinner event where he was greeted, hugged, and photographed by his many friends at the event.

Let’s Hear from Customers

The customers at the event were very open and forthright in descriptions of the highs and lows in their businesses. We especially appreciated learning that they did see themselves with CSA in a vendor/customer relationship but rather as a true business partnership.

Adam Carver PixelwerxAdam Carver, President of Pixelwerx,  made it quite clear, that when the CSA sales rep was sending him information on the new Océ Colorado, he didn’t believe it was true. ‘Making the Impossible Possible’ is what CSA does though, so when Adam saw the Colorado in action, he quickly became a believer. Adam now has four Colorados, and his biggest surprise was the reduction in labor. The Colorados are a little ‘boring’ as they just work without the ‘personalities’ one had to deal with in the printers the Colorado replaced. Every job works on every printer and has the exact same output. His operators have been freed up to do pre and post processing and help with shipping and keep ahead of the paperwork.

CSA’s Business Builder Program was credited by all the wide format print users as a key factor in the CSA business partnership. Business Builder is an all-encompassing knowledge and best practice platform designed to help print providers looking to grow and capture more large format graphics business.

Gary WydeveldGary Wydeveld, President, Southwestern Blueprint stated his previous vendor did a ‘dump and run.’ Once the printer was installed, the vendor was gone. Gary’s experience with CSA was totally different, and the Business Builder Program is the proof in that it helped Gary gain new business.

Business Builder was a great benefit in areas ranging from developing media profiles, to sales support, helping revamp the website as a marketing tool, to email blasts and industry lists. And every three months the CSA team returns for more training in any area the company desires.

take home comment from Gary: “You can’t put a price tag on the Business Builder Program, it is priceless.”

In Closing

We do wish we could share even more of what we heard and learned at One Canon 2018, but it’s a bit like going to the Olympics and trying to summarize it in less than 1,500 words. We do hope that our event summary does give you a flavor of the success momentum ay Canon Solutions America. If you have specific questions or care to discuss any aspect of our report, just drop us an email or leave a comment on our LinkedIn Page.

Promoting print-tec for the digital age, 
Andy & Julie Plata
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