A Touching Story About a New Zealand Couple

February 8, 2018

When Michael Joyce’s memory snatched by Alzheimer's he even forgot he was married to his wife of 38 years.

Linda Joyce wrote, "My adored Hubby of 38 years suffers from Alzheimer's. Two nights ago, out of the blue, with tear-filled eyes, he asked me to marry him!  Michael had clearly forgotten we were already married but I absolutely went along with him and said I would be delighted to be his wife. In spite of his confused mind, he obviously knows and feels this is something he really wants to do.  To Michael it will be our Wedding Ceremony and to our friends and myself, a truly precious memorable occasion."

 On their wedding morning, Linda said she wasn't sure Michael would remember he had proposed, but he woke up and told his betrothed, "Today's the day!" 

The beaming couple exchanged vows at a scenic lake near their home as friends looked on and ducks waddled by in the background. When the ceremony was over, bagpipes began to play a melancholy tune, and the newlyweds danced.

"There's been a lot of sadness and a lot of frustration," Linda Joyce said. "And despite all the fogginess (of mind), today has been pure joy."

Take time today to send a nice note to someone living with Alzheimer's.

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