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The 9 Steps to Successfully Deliver a 1to1 Marketing Campaign - Part 7

June 19, 2017

June 15, 2017

By: Helene Blanchette, Senior Editor, American Printer

Deployment of the customers’ journey

At this stage of your project you have all the elements needed to design the customers’ journey.   This is an important mapping of how you want the end-clients to interact with the brand and foster an environment of uniqueness that will drive the expected results.  The customer journey's map will also be very useful to your internal team members for the following tasks:

  • Graphic designers will understand the multiple elements created for each segment and the channels that support the interaction
  • Copywriters will need this mapping to create messaging according to the customer journey and for each of the potential engagements, including follow-ups
  • Coders will execute the marketing rules, create the right forms and set-up an environment to capture information according to the expected interaction.  Analytics will also be selected or set to ensure maximal measurement, beyond standard Google analytics
  • During the User Experience (UX) test, this map will be guiding testers on the expected journey to achieve

customer journey map

In the customer journey demonstrated above, originally designed for a birthday program of an insurance company, every touch point and interaction are defined in order to prepare the right material and to brief the right department.  It also reveals whether partners would be needed in the event that the service provider cannot fulfill every aspects of the project. 

To design this journey, we start at the first touch point, for example, a printed card, and then map the possible interactions of a customer..  The end-client may react to the mail piece by calling or by going to his/her personalized website if typing the personal URL generated.  The planning also includes whether the interaction is done with a mobile or a PC.  The journey is then strategically crafted for the client to leave information voluntarily and enjoy the experience through the process.  A follow-up email or a call from telesales is part of the journey. 

All that great work deployed behind the scene translates into a great experience for the targeted client.  If we refer to the Fuji Xerox Twin campaign mentioned as an example in many of the previous articles, the client would see and interact the following way:

customer journey examples

In the segment selected, Timmy is in the production department of an agency, therefore the message and links that he received are different than those of a marketing executive profile. If he scans his unique bar code, he will land on his personal page, and according to what he clicked on or requested, the dynamic rules programmed expose him to different content, which in turn triggers a follow-up based on his interaction.

A customer journey is the central view that will tie all stakeholders together, from the designer to the end-client, and it is what is meant to drive the strategic goals of the campaign. 

The next step will be to manage partners and production. 

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Helene BlanchetteAmerican Printer’s Senior Editor, previously served as General Manager (USA equivalent Vice President) for Fuji Xerox in Singapore. Mrs. Blanchette recognition as an international 1to1 cross-media marketing authority results from providing some of the industry’s most successful data-driven, individualized, cross-media marketing campaigns for her international clients. Helene introduced Asia Pacific’ first 1to1 cross-media marketing programs under branded as ‘The 1:1 Experience’ for Fuji Xerox, and is the founder of the Xerox 1to1 lab.  

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