The 9 Steps to Successfully Deliver a 1to1 Marketing Campaign - Part 6

April 27, 2017

By: Helene Blanchette, Senior Editor, American Printer

Creating personas for strategic and tailored customer engagement

If you have, so far, followed all the first 5 steps of my series of the 9 steps to successfully deliver a 1to1 marketing campaign or program, you are ready to get started with your client’s project. 

By now, you have successfully engaged your client, had the proposal approved and you have collected the data and even went as far as analyzing it.  The next step is to get the project done. 

This means strategy is almost finalized and the team needs to get onboard. This project is ready to start but you are still missing a few pieces of information to really get it right.  Without understanding the personas of your end-customers, how can you really make a relevant personalized and customized strategy?  How do you make the end-consumer feels like it is truly tailored to him or her? How to ensure a high response and interaction?

But before I answer these questions, let me give you the tip of the day.  Organize your project communication flow with only one dedicated person in charge in your organization and one at the customer’s company.  All communications before, during and after production deployment should be funneled through these two people.  Deploying a data-driven cross-media program or campaign is a complex endeavor, if communications happen in silos or in parallel, it will increase the risk of errors and the level of stress. Let your communication ambassador handle the client relationship and ensure that all of the details and requests are done in a centralized way.

One of your ambassador’s first tasks is to organize a workshop session with your client to understand their end-customers.  For this, a 3 to 4 hour workshop is needed and the participants from the client’s side should be: 

  • Product marketing people
  • Sales representation (one person)
  • Marketing Communication
  • IT department
  • C-Level sponsor

One from each department is sufficient, however, it should be people that are decision makers or senior managers. 

During this session, the client’s team should be describing the personas of their customers, beyond just a large segment.  This is the part where you wish to find out:

  • Who are the clients buying their products (per product)?
  • How old are they (per segment)?
  • What is their demographic (per age group)?
  • Are they married? Do they have children? 
  • Why do they buy these products and services?
  • Why are they reluctant to buy it?
  • What is the most probable action or product that they would need if they already have the one proposed?
  • What is their lifestyle?
  • How do they perceive themselves?

Beware when a segment is too wide in scope.  For example, a segment that is 20 years of age to 45 years of age is way too large of a scope.  Were you thinking and acting the same at 20 than you would at 45? At 20, you are likely to be single, invincible, loving risks and never thinking of retirement or that being prudent is for the wimps.

This is an essential step because it will determine how we will craft the message, the conversation and what image will represent them (the end-customer) the best in this campaign. You are creating personas.

segment and persona

 Example of 1 segment and its persona for a financial company

The primary motivator influencing someone of the segment demonstrated above, would be a product that makes them dream of early success with the emphasis on the smart aspect of buying early, with a financial comparison on how expensive it would become later on in life.  The offer would be a High Achiever investment product and if the client already have such product, a substitute for personal accident protection that suit their life style would be an attractive upselling product

Here is an example of two different personas to address:

Zurich Malaysia campaign

Example of Zurich Malaysia’ campaign, deployed in 2016.  In all, 24 segments were created.

In this campaign, over 24 personas/segments were created. Note that the text portrayed the lifestyle of our target individuals, products were positioned differently and the benefits of the products changed according to each segment. 

This campaign brought outstanding results. Touch the button below to get the complete case study.

To download a template for crafting your personas, touch the button below:

Helene Blanchette

Helene Blanchette, American Printer’s Senior Editor, previously served as General Manager for Fuji Xerox in Singapore. Mrs. Blanchette recognition as an international 1to1 cross-media marketing authority results from providing some of the industry’s most successful data-driven, individualized, cross-media marketing campaigns for her international clients. Helene introduced Asia Pacific’ first 1to1 cross-media marketing programs under branded as ‘The 1:1 Experience’ for Fuji Xerox.

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