Multi-Channel Communications: Are Your Emails Mobile-Optimized?

September 26, 2013

“You can’t leave mobile-optimized email on the table,” says one expert.

WWWIn a recent blog at MediaPost.com – titled “Almost Half of Brand Emails Opened on Mobile” – Jack Loechner points to a new Yesmail Interactive benchmark study that says 61 percent of consumers are now viewing email either exclusively on a mobile device or using both mobile and desktop devices interchangeably.

“Mobile, defined as smartphone and tablet usage, has grown significantly in the last few years and is a prominent fixture in the way consumers interact with brands,” writes Loechner.

Loechner notes data from the recent Yesmail Interactive study, including:

  • 49 percent of all email opens happen on a mobile device

  • The average click to-open rate across all industries is 100 percent higher for desktop than it is for mobile. (the number of people who clicked on an email after opening it)

  • 61 percent of active users view emails either exclusively on a mobile device or use both mobile and desktop interchangeably (‘hybrid’ or ‘hybrid viewership’ in the report)

  • 1/3 of consumers are device-agnostic: they view emails on both desktop and mobile interchangeably without a commitment to one over the other (hybrid users)

  • Percent of opens on mobile, 48.64 percent; Percent click-to-open desktop, 22.56 percent; Percent click-to-open mobile, 11.07 percent.

Discussing the recent Yesmail Interactive study, Heidi Tolliver-Walker at The Digital Nirvana says the key message here is that that 49 percent of all email opens happen on a mobile device, but the average click to-open rate across all industries is 100 percent higher for desktop than it is for mobile. “In other words, more people open mobile emails, but fewer are taking action once they do,” she explains.

Loechner says, “The significant difference between mobile and desktop click-to-open rates suggests a disconnect between the way marketers cater to consumers who open on mobile vs. those who prefer desktop.”

SocialMediaThe Big Picture
According to Tolliver-Walker, these changes in consumer behavior impacted by mobile is so significant that you’re not going to be able to ignore it any longer. “If you’re [a printer and] marketing yourself as a provider of multi-channel marketing services, you can’t leave mobile-optimized email on the table. If you’re not offering mobile-optimized email, it’s time to start,” says Tolliver-Walker.

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