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November 16, 2023

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Empowering print for the digital age,
Andy & Julie Plata

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  • PSP Lessons to Learn in Xeikon Announcement
  • Print Leadership: From CEO to Transformer
  • Primary Growth Option: Building New Businesses
  • Manager or Leader, Which Are You?
  • The FIRE… Still Burns
  • Are you Micromanaging your Sales Force
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OutputLinks Communications Group
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Rising Revenue Chart
Sid Chadwick
Debbie Nicholson
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CEOs who embrace marketing as a core component of growth are twice as likely as their peers to top 5 percent annual growth rates.  McKinsey  
Names in the News
Jules Van Sant
Tim McKee
Jani Viczian
Reed Hagmann
Tammy Hinkle
Matt Vertrees
LinkedIn’s "Print Industry Thought Leaders" Group
An excellent information resource for Print Professionals.
Good News Outside of Print:
Sebbie Hall
Industry ThoughtLeaders Share Their Wisdom on the 5 Essential Elements for Printers Making$, Saving$, Gaining / Retaining / Growing Customers
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