Another Shameless --- “Note of Appreciation” --- and --- Self-Promotion

December 7, 2017

By Sid Chadwick

“Education of the Customer….drives demand to the Sponsor”….…..Dick Gorelick


“End-of-the-year” --- provides multiple opportunities for self-promotion --- that most suppliers don’t recognize….or capture.

How many of your preferred customers --- your personal contacts at those customers --- have ever received a (shameless self-promotion) note --- that read something like:

January 2, 2018

Thank You SayingGood Afternoon, John,

Our bookkeeping department tells me that you are one of our prized customers who paid your outstanding balance, over the last year --- on time --- or early --- no exceptions!

Running a small business requires us to be disciplined --- in how we manage our resources --- including --- our cash flow --- who we produce for first --- and how we execute what’s expected…..

Because you honored us with your requests ---  for us to produce --- for our employees --- and our suppliers --- we were able to properly care for our families, and our business obligations --- for which we are sincerely grateful.

We promise to never take your business for granted. And we look forward to serving you --- this coming year.

Thank you!



I have observed only a few of these messages --- but they were occasionally framed --- on the wall of our client’s Purchasing Agent, or Accounts Payable Department.

We were also told how that note had been passed around --- all the way up to their president.

I have heard clients testify that those prized customers to whom they sent such notes --- not only increased their business awards, but also paid their invoices --- earlier than previously experienced.

I’ve even known a client or two to send such notes to those customers --- who “sometimes” pay their bills on-time, or early.

This is not a complicated business. However, it does require us to pay attention --- to care to be disciplined --- for what we choose to do….and for whom we choose to do it…..Such decisions are not arbitrary, nor should they be.

That’s also what today’s younger generation is watching…. and learning from….. guiding their decisions --- re. who they choose to emulate.

The Lord forgives you all day long in the silence of your heart, then, do the same, untiringly and sincerely”…The Jerusalem Community Rule of Life, Pierre-Marie Delfieux


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