Research Skills --- Key To --- Better Questions --- Improved Company Performance

August 9, 2017

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

“If a little money does not go out, great money will not come in.”…Chinese Proverb


Many successful organizations in our great industry may expect to have at least one part-time Researcher on their payroll --- for uncovering prime opportunities, and knowing more about their current customers’ business and communication needs.

We’ve scheduled our first “Research Skills Workshop” --- August 29 – 31 --- in Winston Salem, NC.

Why is that probably important to you…?

A few leading questions….

  • ResearchHow often do you wish your Sales Reps - were calling on better prospects….?
  • Do your Sales Reps conduct proper, adequate research before contacting a prospect for an appointment…?
  • Do you have a sense of how enormous the U.S. economy is, and how to better manage almost unlimited information opportunities…?
  • Is your primary source of “need-to-know” information --- obtained from “Googling a question…..?
  • How often could you engage a target prospect, if you could develop target information about them --- and that they need…?
  • Do you wish you were overwhelmed with new business opportunities, but don’t know how --- or where --- to get started…?
  • Do you believe that your company would perform better, if you were asking better questions….?
  • What would you do next… if you were told that there are literally 1000’s of available reports about your target customer markets --- that would elevate your next steps --- for your Business Development Team, and those target customers…?
  • If you were guaranteed a skill-set that would improve your company’s performance --- at least 5-10% each year --- would you seize it…?
  • Finally, “What information would allow --- would encourage --- your department supervisors to make better decisions, and deliver better results…?”


Does the information you have --- influence what you decide, what you do next…?

What’s your plan for improving the quality of information available --- to you and your organization…?

In an age of almost unlimited, nearly instant information, are your skills for obtaining that information --- current…?

Has there ever --- before now --- been a “Three-Day Research Skills Workshop” --- industry-specific for our great industry --- offered……?

What’s the potential upside gain --- for your organization…?

“When I rest, I rust”……….German Proverb

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