Are You Preparing for Success…Can You See It…..or…Intent on “Holding-On”…?

May 25, 2017

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

“The generous and the bold…. have the best lives”……….Norwegian Proverb


We have a unique 4-Day Sales Rep/Lead CSR Education & Training Program --- scheduled for June 26 – 29th --- that wasn’t planned --- 30 days ago. (Curriculum and instruction are guaranteed to elevate…and accelerate…. the performance of any attendee --- who has ambition, and a decent work ethic.)

A moment of inspiration lead me to call one client --- but not just any client. This is a client who has dreams for his organization’s future. Business is good, profits are steady, and he has an adopted son --- whom he adores. I “pitched” for his company to Host the program, thus saving him transportation and lodging costs --- for his multiple attendees.

He accepted….promptly, after reviewing the Curriculum.

Sales Team SuccessThe curriculum introduces several dramatic --- and what I consider to be --- critical but “seldom-taught” skills: (1) How to use multiple Research Resources --- for uncovering and identifying a company’s “target market prospects”, and (2) Skills that are central for development of a successful Inside Sales Team.

There are “Homework Assignments” --- requiring the use of Research Resources --- every night --- for attendees.

My next contact for this Program brought in our “next group of attendees” --- including a V.P. of Operations ---- who heads-up Customer Service, Scheduling, and Storage & Fulfillment for his company.

What would your personnel gain, being in a room with these quality, experienced personnel --- for four days…sharing lunch and dinner with them, working on homework assignments --- with them….? 


Earlier this week, I was fortunate to have a 7:30 am breakfast --- that required me to leave home at 5:30. The client I’ve known --- and worked with --- off and on --- since 1998. Starting with a Quick-Copy Shop in 1997, doing less than $400,000 a year, his company is on schedule to have revenues of $10,000,000+…. this year.

Toward the end of our breakfast discussions, he asked, “What do you see, Sid, that troubles you?

One of my observations:

“I see owners who survive a near-disaster --- and understandably, feel relieved…..then they survive another near-disaster --- and again, feel relieved…….over time, they continue to survive one near-disaster after another.

But over time --- their “dreams of what could be achieved” --- somehow --- get misplaced, covered-up --- forgotten --- by thinking and feeling that they’re successful --- because they survived one near-disaster after another.

There’s no meaningful achievement…marching in place….to some degree, such actions…and inactions…..are just delaying…. the inevitable.

What we see can be achieved --- should not be allowed --- to be set aside, repeatedly delayed……or forgotten.

“Vision without action is daydream……Action without vision… is a nightmare.”……………….Japanese Proverb

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