"Continuous Improvement"… Can Improve Margins...

February 9, 2017

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

“Nothing else in the world…. not all the armies…. is so powerful…. as an idea whose time has come” ………………….Victor Hugo

Every company I have an opportunity to get to know --- is interested in improving their bottom-line…as well as their top-line performances.

What’s also obvious, if we’re paying attention, is that major customers prefer to buy from suppliers who are progressive --- providing “increasing value - per costs incurred.”

Questions that discussions with clients tend to generate: …. “By what means do you plan to, would you like to --- improve your bottom-line….and your top-line…. performances?”

Is there a Plan…..? .....What needs to change?....What should be different….tomorrow?

One Option:
Continuous ImprovementOur next --- Pressroom Performance Improvement Workshop --- is scheduled for March 8 -10th, in Baltimore, MD.

There are expected to be ten organizations attending, and --- at least four of those ten --- are “returning organizations” --- focused in part…on…. Continuous Improvement.

Mr. Ray Prince is our Technical Expert.

Why are those four organizations returning? My opinion is that, like Nick Saban at the University of Alabama, Dabo Swinney at Clemson University, Bill Belichick of New England, and Dan Quinn of Atlanta --- they’ve made profound progress with their Programs and processes. And yet….. they each know --- privately within themselves --- that they’ve --- only scratched the surface --- of what can be achieved.

Each year, innovations, talents, and improved execution --- never before developed…. are revealed.

Bill Belichick has been recorded saying, “Inspired Teams win games…. but Coaches… lose them.”

Who’s coaching your Pressroom, and is there opportunity --- even significant opportunity --- for improvement?

The average company attending our Pressroom Performance Improvement Workshop – has left with over seven-figures of cost and revenue improvements --- for their company --- and that’s with --- their current equipment --- but--- also with very different attitudes, processes, understandings, and communications.

Continuous Improvement“Good enough…. is not good enough”….. at organizations who want to set the standards in their customer markets, and to prosper.

How would you like to be in the process of improving your margins --- over one percent --- every 60 days….?

Wouldn’t your top customers want to know that they are working with a supplier --- who’s “continuously improving their costs” ………?

“Do your job” …………Bill Belichick, Coach, New England Patriots

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