January 11, 2017

Do We Train For Listening?...... Should We Train For Listening?

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

“Listening is….the heart and soul of engagement” …….Tom Peters, The Little BIG Things ---163 Ways to Pursue Excellence

Listen to EveryoneINTRODUCTION:
Inviting a Consultant --- especially if it’s your first time inviting a Consultant --- to engage a project --- almost always sparks surprises.

The most minor improvements --- when well designed, tend to impact multiple levels, multiple corners…. of an organization.

Some projects are more successful than others…..Some projects are outrageously successful --- which can be scary --- for a short while.

If there are keys to one’s effectiveness, it might be described as developing a capacity to “listen” ….and “observe”…… and ….having a significant context of experience… in which to position… what one sees, and hears.

Some geographical and product markets are tougher than others. The following note was received this past week --- from a client I treasure, located in…..“the Shadows of Manhattan”.

Truthfully, Paul’s organization’s successes, much like the results of his Customer Survey --- represent much about him --- as his company’s leader.

With Permission:

Sid Chadwick - Print Solutions

Individuals who aren’t willing to commit to change ---for themselves --- first, and for their organizations --- are probably looking through a rear-view mirror --- for their future.

Someone very smart once wrote, “When we struggle….. we grow.”

“Comfortable animals…. get eaten……!” ………Dick Vann, Founder of PostMark

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