Marketing Multi-Channel : 3 Truths

January 22, 2015

The secret to successful communication is about saying the right thing in the right way in the right place and moment. However, the opportunities to do it right (and wrong) increase dramatically in the more complex and individualistic world. Sue Elms, evp/head of global brands, Millward Brown (sourcewww.warc.com).

As a print service provider, the day is here for you to become a communications service provider. Get with it. Here are some tips. We've looked at team dynamics and development. We've explored workflow changes. We've mulled on support you need and reasons to do this. Now, let's take the first look at fulfilling your marketing mandate. This will take three articles, so stay with me.

Marketing is not a logo. Marketing is not a catchphrase. Marketing is not an elevator speech. Marketing is imbedding the same message and philosophy of doing business and products you support so deeply into the mindset of everyone that works for you that they become a reflection of the real you, the real brand. People are the brand.People are the brand

  • When your marketing and creative workers get what you are about, they build it into everything they do, write, design, and say.
  • When your leadership team gets what you are about, they build it into every meeting they attend and interaction they have in the organization you serve.
  • When your production teams get what you are about, they reflect it in the lunchroom and hallways of the organization.

Campaign Helps: Yes, you need the logo and the catchphrase and the campaigns that communicate who you are and what you are about. Explain and build with your team a passionate sense of ownership. Market to co-workers. Get it into to them. Make it personal. Personal passion resonates. Passion pushes into the psyche of the team. Customers can see through any façade. The team is the message.

Brainstorm until your brain hurts. Get the most creative folks to help with the logo. Practice telling them what you believe about your service and products and how things should run. Get their juices flowing. They have the most vested interest in helping. If you don’t have that skill set, find the department in your company that does and get creative minds on board.

Research: Do your homework and have ready answers for simple questions. What advantages do people in like industries see when using these tools? Does it make a difference what time of day we send out an email? Can you control that? Can you send an email if someone does not respond? Can you send a different one if they do respond? Can I increase my response simply by using more channels?

Write down every question you think you will be asked and have an answer. You will find in your research that many of the questions don’t have definitive answers. The answer many times is, “All things being equal, using multiple channels can increase your baseline.” The issue becomes, "Is there a baseline using the message, to the audience demographic in the same timing with another single channel approach?". If baseline is absent, jump in and help establish the baseline by doing for them what they normally do and then adding channels to the mix.

ROI - ROEUse many verified sources such as Hubspot and Infotrends and PODI and vendors who sell you the hardware and software to get you started with a few stats and info points.

Summary: Three truths move your marking forward. People are the brand. Get creative minds on board. Use many verified sources. Next up, we'll discuss financial focus and planning.

This article focuses on Sales/Marketing/Operations and Information levels of the operational pyramid.

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