Multi-Channel: 3 To Make It Work

July 15, 2014

A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain't got nothin'.  Leo Burnett

Good marketing produces results relevant to the audience of the day in a manner they receive.  No matter how well you execute a campaign, it needs a great message with compelling offer, relevancy, and right segmentation.  Get involved in small ways and grow in multi-channel.  Multi Channel is ProgressiveYou and your customers need time to master the basics.  Put a structure in place.

Here’s a simple multi-channel with two direct mail pieces, an email announcement, email follow-ups, mail follow-ups, phone engagement, and personalized landing pages.  Don’t get too extended. Multi-channel is progressive.  Organizations move slowly in adapting to new techniques.  Be simple in the beginning.  Crawl before you walk.  Take easy to support steps in a methodical manner.


Goal: The H group includes 200 prospects for on-boarding. The prior service built business by personal service and attention.  Get these people on board.  Along with the HGroup, a group of private schools is included.

Design:  For the small businesses and non-profits a campaign was built with “What is Big to You?”  Relate to being underserved.  Make sure they know they will get premium service and not be pushed aside for bigger clients. 

A simple postcard with variable based on whether they are a small business, a non-profit, or a professional group is created.   Integrate personalized landing pages.  If there is no visit to the landing page after ten days of mailing, a follow up email is sent with the same message.  Phone calls are made to any responders.  The landing page gathers information, registers for a 10% coupon and emails the coupon.  Sales is contacted by email on any visits and responses to the landing page.  Run the campaign or similar once a quarter.

There are many options in a multi-channel. Decide which you want to support.  Banners, posters, social components, direct call out, letters, industry events, cold calls, mobilization of print through QR, mobilization of landing pages, and on and on go the options.  Don’t try to be everything.  Pick what you want to do well and do it well.

Results:  Every thrust results in orders.  The profit value of the orders is ten times the costs associated.  New relationships are formed with clients who come back and refer friends.  HGroup prospects come back to landing pages six to nine months after the mailing. 

Measurement:  Multi-channel software provides reporting on who visits, when they visit in relation to mailings, post office delivery, responses, and no visits.  Percentages are good guides for future adjustments. Specifics by prospect give information.  Some clients don’t want multi-channel.  Some do.  Some want it tomorrow, not today.  Study over time and attempts and information from each touch gets recorded for analysis and projection and adjustment.

3 Make It Work

Project Timing:  The marketing and sales group meets content and design deadlines.  The production team that codes the variable print, email, and landing pages meets build and test and integration deadlines.  The production team prints and mails and coordinates with sales team availability and call scripts.  A project coordinator keeps the pieces moving according to a discussed and agreed plan.

Professionals:  The bindery cuts perfect.  Mail stamps and delivers to postal agency.  Coders are spot on for the budget allocated.  Print hits right papers and quality and registration.  Sales follow through.  Marketing works to build a piece with customer service that is deliverable through all channels.  The software must work right.

PUSH:  Perfect Understanding Solves Heartache.  Execution requires constant communication in planning, design, implementation, delivery, and post analysis.  A campaign is a relationship being built with your client and with the client and their customers or potential customers.  Great execution can lay the foundation for the next campaign or even a series of campaigns.


ROI/ROEOkay, that gives you a feel for a multi-channel execution on a simple basis.  It works.  The results will happen when the right message is delivered to the right person in the right (multiple and personal) manner with the right timing.  The marketers are responsible for many of the components of content and design and approach.  You need to be responsible for delivery and execution.

This article focuses on all layers of the operational pyramid.  

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