Common Grounds: Is Your Business Building? Five Tips Forward.

June 2, 2014

Seed, cultivate, and harvest every day. 


That’s not an option.  That’s a position of THRIVE.  Your business is a journey of development.

Over the last few months, I’ve been developing some coursework on identifying pain points in a print business and integrating multi-channel offerings.  Dscoop University  (Listen to John Tenwinkel share VISION) has made a commitment to helping in-plants and commercial printers build business.  All of that recording and working with graphics and writing and editing stimulates me to think about you.  Is your business building?  Are you a continual learner?

seed cultivate harvest 

Seed, cultivate, and harvest every day.

Yesterday, I sat with a client and fired him.  Yes, I fired him.  We co-developed a vision, plan, and timeline that would cause his organization to prosper.  He continues to do the same thing he has always done and sit level.  Every time we meet, he talks about sitting level.  The plan sits in a folder.  Growth sits in a boggy mire of mundane inaction.  The vision is a dreamer’s dirge not a vibrant song.  I’m not doing his organization any good if he doesn’t act.  Maybe he’ll come back and ask for help again, but he’ll have to show me action before I agree to work with him. How loud is your song?  Are you listening to your coach?  Do you have a coach?

Seed, cultivate, and harvest every day.

Another client talked about the long process of approval for prior approved and budgeted items in bureaucratic operation.  If you are working with a university or financial provider or government organization, you get it.  The number of decision makers, the continual reticence to act on decisions, politics and the inertia of risk avoidance stifle progress.  He will need to take some actions to keep communications moving to build the business.  (Take a look at this quick idea generator for doing just that.)  He will do it.  I know him. Do you communicate at all levels?

Seed, cultivate, and harvest every day.

Another client is developing an advisory board of thinkers from outside his business. What a brilliant way to stimulate a continuing attitude of growth.  I’ll live on that board.  I won’t sit on the board.  It is not a board of sitters, but doers.

Summary:  So here are your tips for building your business today.

  1. Get a think tank of people from outside your organization to stimulate.
  2. Communicate with decision makers in many ways.
  3. Listen to your mentor, consultant, or coach.
  4. Act on your vision, plan, and timeline.  Let it be a vibrant song.
  5. Train yourself and your leaders regularly.

Seed, cultivate, and harvest every day.

Next blog will emphasize a different feature of high performance teams. Your customers deserve it.


COMMON GROUNDS: These tidbits come out of daily consternations, comments, and concerns of real managers doing what needs done. Executives gain insight.


This article focuses on the three sides of the operational pyramid.

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