Grow and Sustain Multi-Channel Service Offering

February 25, 2015

By Phil Larson, president of Shepherd Consulting OK and author of “Manage Well: Eclectic Tips on Excellence."

Monitor - Measure - Report

The link is simple. If a firm measures a, b, and c, but not x, y, and z, then managers begin to pay more attention to a, b, and c. Soon those managers who do well on a, b, and c are promoted or are given more responsibilities. John R. Hauser and Gerald M. Katz April 1998, You Are What You Measure, MIT whitepaper.

You should know by now Goals Govern Growth. Set a goal and repeat the goal to yourself and team. Actions follow. Adjust your plan over and over. Protect the goal. Adjust the plan. Put some constants in the plan and work to achieve them. Goals may need modifying every six months. Be cautious. Good goals take time.

Monitor, Measure, and Report Results: A new multi-channel offering or any other service offering must stay tuned to the results. Results. Goals. Expectations. Have them. Check them. Multi-channel and other new services require connection and feedback points with the customer. Report results of end customer touches and read and non-read and unsubscribe and response rates to better levels. Right designed metrics in multi-channel tell how long it took the postal service to deliver six states away versus six miles away and how long it takes after delivery to get online touch. Give relevant information to your customer. Don’t be too quick to analyze results. They are the marketers. You are the delivery channel. Let your customer apply marketing analysis to reported results.

Research and Communicate: You should spend a few minutes or hours every week researching the channels you have selected to serve and what is developing. When you see a pithy report, pass it on to your customers and team leadership and executives. Keep everyone educated with the best of the best of what you know.

Use Comparable Skills On Your Team: Look for someone to stand up and contribute. Cross train in every area you start. Don’t let a technical skill get buried under the availability of one person. Silo specialist is a typical corporate mindset and will get you into trouble. Job sharing is important when you are building new skills. The person with whom you started can move on, hate the new assignment, be ill fitted for it, or do it so well you start getting more customer demands than they can handle. You don't know. Double up to be prepared for expansion and to be responsible for contingencies.

Summary Action Items: Building multi-channel services takes you into some unknowns. Your expertise will be expanded and the stress of change will test you.

  • Set goals based on research with customers, potential customers, and industry.ROI - ROE
  • Implement effective and flexible measurements and reporting.
  • Research and communicate constantly.
  • Build broad skilled team members through cross training.
  • Next up we'll cover the alliances, courage, risk, and add attitude you need to have to succeed.

This article focuses on Sales/Marketing/Operations and Communications levels of the operational pyramid.

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