2015: The Outlook and Opportunities for Print Providers

December 10, 2014

Keep Customers

Don’t rely on business growth in the next year to come from an improving economy or from finding the next great salesperson.

Print providers need to be the catalysts for growth. They need a plan and a strategy. They need to utilize marketing to differentiate themselves and give their sales staff a competitive advantage.

Client Retention: Overcapacity continues to define the industry. Too many providers and too little work means the competition is trying harder than ever to win over your accounts. Engage your customers frequently. Customers seek reassurance of appreciation. Take a cross media approach. Engage your clients a minimum of every 90 days. Ideally, every 30 days.

Lead Generation: New sources for generating prospects are needed. Leverage online marketing and SEO to attract and cultivate prospects previously beyond reach.  Google’s Hummingbird algorithm makes this easier than ever.  Add a G+ page, utilize blog content, and watch your page rankings improve. We went from page 5 to page 1 in just two weeks.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing. Content marketing has exploded in popularity. Marketing is now more about creating conversations than campaigns.  But if your content isn’t relevant and engaging, you risk just being part of the marketing noise.  Dynamic, engaging content goes a long way to helping foster trust and credibility.

Social media. Social media is now expected. If you are not fully utilizing it, you are at a disadvantage and your brand’s perception will suffer. Be perceived as being progressive and tech savy.

Thought leadership. Keep promoting your company as a thought leader. Your brand’s perception plays a big role in determining who gets the job. 

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