Forget Sales & Marketing, Think Customer Experience!

November 19, 2014

Brand differentiation starts with an understanding of the customer journey from the customers point of view, not the printers. It’s all about the customer experience. 

Sales   Marketing 

• Do customers really want to see more advertisements and promotions in their inbox?  Focus more on holistic engagement than individual marketing campaigns.

• Do customers want to “Visit us on the web” just see the same boiler plate website content that they see on a competitors. Customize your site as much as possible.

• Are customers impressed to see generic articles on a printers web site that address topics such as Fall Fashion and Interview Skills?

• Are customers hungry for the jokes, recipes and word find games that get sent to them under the guise of a helpful company newsletter?

•  Are customers motivated enough to call a printer just to find out if they are still in business because their website and social media content has not been updated in two years? People prefer to gather info off the internet than have to make a call.

• How does a customer feel about a company when they visit your site and see the latest blog / news articles was updated two years ago.  Timely, relevant, engaging content promotes thought leadership.

• How does a customer feel when an automated phone routing system is needlessly cumbersome. Even worse, doesn’t work properly.

• How does a customer feel when they have to search a website just to find the mailing address? Have that info on the bottom of every page.

Customer Experience 

• How does a customer feel when they have to search to find a phone number because the printers’ employees don’t include it as part of their email signature?

• How should a customer feel about the extra effort required to call a printer because instead of listing a pure numeric phone number, they only show a number / phrase combo. 978-Go Print, etc.   

If you are looking for ways to improve your customer’s experience, please reach out to me. I’m happy to schedule a short call to discuss this with you. 

Feel free to reach me at Patrick Whelan or on the web at Great Reach Communications Inc.

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