6 Easy Tips to Help Market Your Print Services

November 5, 2014

With many printing companies continuing to cut back on sales and marketing efforts, closing, merging, downsizing, etc, there’s a tremendous opportunity for companies to win new business and build loyalty with existing clients. But you have to be positioned to take advantage.

Market Services 

Start building and strengthening sales relationships today by utilizing meaningful content. Outbound communications such as newsletters and postcards, social media outlets like Linkedin, and inbound strategies that utilize web content are all highly effective ways to increase sales success.

• It’s all about the customer experience .Don’t view your marketing efforts from the standpoint of  marketing. View them from the standpoint of the customer.

• Effective marketing starts with a strategy and a plan. Don’t wing it.  If repetition isn’t at the core of your marketing communications strategy, your efforts will fail.

• Too many organizations get bogged down by taking a committee approach to producing marketing materials. Trying to create something perfect often becomes an excuse for doing nothing.

• The average person can only keep 3-5 brands per category in memory. If you want to introduce your brand for consideration, another must be pushed out of consideration.

• It takes at least 5-8 points of meaningful communication to convert a prospect to a customer.

• Develop a series of [information?] touch points and deliver them to your contact list in a repetitive manner. The good news is that most CRM and contact management programs can easily facilitate a strategy of repetitive communications.Marketing Effectiveness

I’ve been providing offset and digital printing companies with highly effective marketing programs for 20 years. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Feel free to reach me at Patrick Whelan or on the web at Great Reach Communications Inc.

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