Four Areas That Have a Huge Impact on Your Ability to Grow Sales

May 21, 2015

By Patrick Whelan, Great Reach Communications, Inc.

growthIn addition to the quality of work you do and services you provide, there are other elements of your business that have a powerful impact on how customers and prospects view your brand:

• Company website: This is the FIRST place prospects go to evaluate you. How does your site compare to those of your competitors? Are you putting your company at a competitive disadvantage right from the start? Consider your website as a one-on-one conversation with your best customer.

• Company marketing/customer engagement: How often do you tap into your database to keep your brand top of mind? How often to you send out relevant communications to engage your target audience and foster relationships? Do you do these things as often as your competitors? Have you perhaps cut back on these initiatives hoping their absence wouldn’t be noticed? (hint: it will be)

Social Media • Social media: Simply put, if your company is not socially engaged, in the eyes of many clients and prospects you’re not staying abreast of the latest marketing trends and technologies. Customers want to feel comfortable and confident about a supplier’s savviness when deciding whom to give work to. It’s far better to be seen as an early adopter than strictly “old school.”

• Consistent appreciation: In the fast food industry, the two things a customer remembers most are his first and last bites. In the printing industry, that’s akin to your receptionist (or phone routing system) at the front end and your delivery people at the back. Top-notch people skills are critical in these areas – particularly an ability to express appreciation. Customers need to feel appreciated throughout the entire experience.

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