Word-of-Mouth is Good, but Word-of-Mouse Marketing is Even Better

May 15, 2013

By Gee Ranasinha, CEO and Founder of KEXINO

Yesterday, simply shouting was enough to get results. Today, we live in a world where most people actively resist marketing messages.

Close the pop-up window. Skip past the commercials when watching the show that you recorded yesterday. Check your Facebook messages when the game cuts to an ad break.

We don’t care about marketing because most marketing doesn’t care about us. Most marketing is about how great the company that’s trying to push their message thinks that they are.

The Demise of Pushy Marketing

If I’m working from home during the day, I never answer the home telephone. Never. Why? Because anyone who knows me knows they need to email me, call my mobile phone, or call the home office number if they want to contact me. If it’s a weekday and the home phone rings I pretty much know that it’s a telemarketer calling. So I never pick up the phone.

Even if you get their attention, the people who are listening to you resent you for interrupting them. I don’t care if the person on the end of that telemarketing call wants to sell me a goose that lays golden eggs for $10. The very fact that I’ve had to stop what I was doing to answer the phone, only to then realize that it’s someone peddling something, means that I’m NEVER going to buy whatever it is that they’re selling.

So if, as a society, we’re actively filtering-out “push” marketing techniques, how does a company get their wares in front of new customers?

  • Do we need to throw money at the problem? Usually not.
  • Do we need to throw more people a the problem? Rarely.
  • Do we need to employ a hip and cool marketing company? Unless it’s us, then probably not.

What we need to do is stop marketing at people. Instead, we need to create an environment where customers will market our stuff to each other. For free. Yes, you read that right.

What Are All the Cool Kids Doing?

Word of MouseNo-one believes what companies say any more. But we do believe what our friends say. More than that, we even have more faith in the views of complete strangers than we do with companies. If I read ten rave reviews on Amazon about a product that I’m thinking of buying, that most certainly influences my purchasing decision.

Want more proof? Look around. Services like DropBox, or Google+, or Pinterest are growing in popularity at an alarming rate. But have you ever seen an ad for any of them?

Word of mouth is nothing new. It’s just that the mechanism for getting your voice out there has changed. In addition, you can now be heard by a lot more people than you ever could before.

Word-Of-Mouse beats word of mouth hands-down.

Gee Ranasinha is CEO and Founder of KEXINO, a business marketing services company serving startups and SMEs throughout North America and Europe, with associates based in eight countries. KEXINO provides a range of strategic and tactical programs to help build awareness, reputation and trust to help your business do more business. 

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