Six Artistic Hashtags to Target Designers

March 3, 2014

By Katherine Tattersfield, Online Marketing Director, PrintFirm.com

Printers are naturally associated with graphic designers, yet many printing companies fail to effectively target this professional demographic on social media. Creatives tend to be more active on social sites than other groups, but you need to speak their language to effectively engage. You'll find thriving design communities on several major networking sites that support hashtags, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, and Instagram. Hashtags give you an easy way to find common ground and start conversations about topics related to your brand.

Top Six Graphic Design Hashtags

Tagging the word #design in every tweet may help you gain a little traction. At the same time, this term applies to industries outside of graphics, so it's not the best targeting tool. You don't want to spend your valuable time reaching interior decorators or people who make jewelry. The hashtags below are all popular with creatives specifically, so start incorporating them today!

#designerproblems- This is a versatile phrase used to describe everything from geeky hangups to client communication issues.  There's even a parody account on Twitter you can follow (@DesignerProblems) . This account regularly retweets content from the tag's stream, which means you have a good chance of gaining new followers by using this phrase in text as well as graphics. Most posts in this category are funny or sarcastic, and the tag goes at the end of the sentence to serve as a summary of the statement.

#Photoshop/Illustrator – Do you share articles, tutorials, or blog posts that feature programs from the Adobe Creative Suite? Designers are always searching for vectors to download and ways to improve their skills. Still, they generally prefer certain software depending on the project. #Adobe works, too, although you won't find as many users talking about InDesign.

#typography- Designers typically obsess over typefaces. Use this tag to share stunning examples of typographic art, tutorials, and font downloads. Also, be sure to create a Pinterest board dedicated to typography. They'll love you for it! 

#branding- While there's much more to branding than visuals, designers focus on the concept as a way of demonstrating their value from a marketing standpoint. Branding is also a common term to describe corporate identity projects, which often include logos, business cards, and stationary. Add this tag for articles as well as awesome design examples.

#inspiration- Social sites are the go to place to get the creative juices flowing. Social discovery delivers fresh results from a variety of sources that search engines may bury. Of course, you don't want your content to be confused with motivational quotes, unless they feature amazing typography. Pair the inspiration tag with the word design to avoid sending mixed signals and appear in the proper streams.

#PrintSpotters- This tag comes from People of Print; the term represents a fusion of the digital and physical worlds. #Printspotters encourages print enthusiasts of all kinds to take pictures of anything printed and share on social media (especially Twitter & Instagram). Not surprisingly, the feed is filled with designers who bleed CMYK.

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