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Prism to demo mobile MIS at Graph Expo

Sep 29, 2010 12:00 AM

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Wilmington, MA-based Prism will demonstrate real-time, mobile management information via smart phones, Internet browsers, and VPNs to company networks at Graph Expo 2010. Prism’s enabling technology, mobileMIS, offers Key Performance Indicator dashboards, quotations, warehouse management, machine, jobs and performance monitoring from mobile phones and browsers.

This technology, first introduced at Ipex in May, is an extension of Prism's management information system, Prism WIN, its MIS/ERP software suite tailored for the requirements of printers, along with Prism QTMS, a lean production management system with machine monitoring modules, custom-developed sensors and plant-wide WIP tracking that automatically record and collate shop-floor information and statistics. Both solutions offer end-to-end management of medium to large printing companies in a fully integrated, modular software and hardware solution and will also be demonstrated during Graph Expo.

Prism mobileMIS is an application that lets users access Key Performance Indicator dashboards, quotations, warehouse management, and machine, job, and performance monitoring on mobile phones and browsers. Key performance indicator dashboards allow a high level view into business performance, and QTMS dashboards give a view into machine speeds, status, operators, and quantities.

Prism mobileMIS is browser enabled and easy to use, with no client software needed. Users can launch their print MIS and track their business directly from their mobile phones. Whether checking key business sales, production, financial and customer service performance indicators, asking for an instant, real-time price quote, establishing a JDF link with prepress, press and finishing equipment from a smartphone, or managing inventory from a hand held wireless device, Prism mobileMIS can help.

"Business intelligence is the lifeblood of a successful company. Print providers expect print management system access to real time, mobile management information via smart phones, Internet browsers, and VPNs to company networks," explains Filip Buyse, president and CEO, Prism. "mobileMIS allows executives to stay in contact with what is happening in production facilities."

Prism WIN Connect lets complementary technologies, such as web-to-print solutions and enterprise collaboration tools, work with Prism WIN. For example, printers can send shipping information to delivery service systems and receive shipping data back for costing and tracking. Meanwhile, Prism's JDF link with production workflows can result in substantial cost and time benefits. By interfacing to Prism WIN, the preproduction workflow becomes an extension of the printer's supply chain. For example, by defining critical job parameters up front via JDF, the link to the production workflow eliminates redundant data entry by operators that can lead to incorrect content. Information from a job work slip can be pulled, such as the product SKU or barcode, layers, inks and ink coverage, and structural information, among others.

On the plant floor, QTMS tracks raw materials throughout the print process, from prepress through finishing to shipping, and each milestone is automatically fed back into Prism WIN, updating job status dynamically.

Prism WIN and QTMS are built on the .NET framework, is intended for use by the most recent applications created for the Windows platform.

Prism continues to offer working integration to production systems from the leading graphic arts suppliers, including more than 20 JDF integration partners on the CIP4 JDF matrix.

At the Prism booth, the company will be demonstrating integration with Xeikon's print control system for a digital printer. Through bi-directional, real-time communication between Xeikon's X-800 Digital Front-End and Prism's MIS software, printers are able to manage mission critical aspects of their business, such as job quoting and costing through production planning, inventory management, materials ordering, sales order processing and financial accounts.

Prism will also be showing integration with Litho Technics' Metrix system. Together with Prism WIN, Metrix production planning software can deliver seamless, automated layout creation of all sheetfed and flatwork. With one click from a quote or job, Metrix will optimize sheet size and maximize number up for the desired production process. The proposed layout can be viewed directly in WIN and passed on to prepress. WIN 2010 also supports ganged jobs and this functionality works hand in hand with Metrix to maximize the number of jobs per layout, creating multiple layouts where necessary.

Prism WIN can also provide integration to leading web2print solutions like OPS and Responsive Solutions. With Prism WIN Connect, complementary technologies, such as front-facing web to print solutions and enterprise collaboration tools can all be used.

QTMS Copycounter 4 uses cutting-edge infrared technology to accurately count streams of overlapped printed products, available as part the QTMS production management system to control counts on web presses and other signature streams, or as a standalone counter for all overlapped product counting. Copycounter 4 is mounted above the stream, accurately counting products at speeds up to 700,000 an hour. It is ideal for stackers, disk units, ink jet systems, gripper conveyors or positioning systems. Recent improvements to CopyCounter4 allow it to be used for a wide, extended range of products. Competitive tools work on a limited range of products, so printers must purchase more, different devices to count different products on a web press.