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PrintStream, Metrix complete two-way integration

Oct 4, 2010 12:00 AM

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LithoTechnics Inc., developer of the Metrix automated job planning and imposition system, announces technical partner Streamline Solutions has added two-way integration with Metrix to its PrintStream product.

Two-way Metrix integration enables PrintStream users to enter print specs in just one place and pass the information back and forward between PrintStream and Metrix. This is of value especially when ganging various jobs in Metrix: With two-way integration, users will be able to pass planning information back into PrintStream, enabling, for example, costing analysis to be updated based on the actual production data generated by Metrix. This development is significant for non-ganging scenarios as well, such as when the Metrix operator has to replan based on press availability. With two-way integration, the new plan can now be communicated back to PrintStream for re-costing, ensuring that the MIS data is up to date and correct.

“This development will have far-reaching benefits for our mutual customers, but more than that, it represents quite a leap in print production automation. Many systems send data in one direction. But what happens when something changes downstream? How does the information get back upstream? This is why LithoTechnics has been promoting the necessity of two-way integration between Metrix and the MIS world, and why we are especially pleased to see PrintStream’s Metrix extension,” says Rohan Holt, president, LithoTechnics.