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G7: Your bottom line

Sep 1, 2010 12:00 AM

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G7 can be very valuable to printers beyond simply being able to use the G7 logo to attract customers. Most successful G7 printers benefit from faster makereadies, improved ability to do reprints and color match between presses, as well as reduced waste and labor costs. Getting all these benefits requires more than simply becoming G7 Qualified.

One of the fundamental concepts behind G7 is having a consistent target. The real value is having a print condition to track and trend against.

Becoming a G7 Master Printer is not helpful unless you maintain your G7 calibration. The most successful G7 printers understand how they are printing each day, and because of this, they can easily adjust print conditions as needed. These printers know they are moving away from the target before a customer rejects a job based on the color match.

For the successful G7 printer, the name of the game is matching proofs, day after day. To do this successfully, process control becomes more important than ever.

IDEAlliance has tools for its members to help them achieve the best results, such as the “G7 How To” and a Qualification Kit with a checklist to help make sure the G7 Master Printer follows best practices.

In addition, IDEAlliance is working to develop a more comprehensive G7 program that will include certification.