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Solution to color measurement discrepancies

Dec 1, 2010 12:00 AM

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Grand Rapids, MI-based X-Rite ( announced XRGA, a new metrology standard designed to reduce measurement discrepancies between legacy instruments previously developed by X-Rite and GretagMacbeth. Applying advancements in color science and new international standards, it promises to improve inter-model agreement.

“The former X-Rite and the former GretagMacbeth each had, for historical reasons, different calibration standards for graphic arts instrumentation,” explains Francis Lamy, CTO, X-Rite. “While it was important to ensure both standards were maintained to guarantee continuity for both companies' customers, our goal with XGRA is to eliminate systematic discrepancies between instruments so that all measurements taken for the same color sample should be the same, regardless of the system used.”

XRGA is applicable to all 0/45 and 45/0 instruments. It incorporates improved methods for calibration and maintains traceability to the American National Institute of Standards and Technology. It reportedly offers the best implementation with regard to existing international ISO standards and provides a single standard for all future graphic arts instruments to be delivered by X-Rite.

Over the next several months, new orders of legacy GretagMacbeth and legacy X-Rite products, which are still available for sale, will begin to be manufactured to the new XRGA standard at the factory. Existing customers can upgrade their current instruments by following the guidelines at