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The all-rounder plus

Aug 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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In Booth 646, MAN Roland (Westmont, IL) will show the Roland 700 HiPrint with the company's InlineFoiler. MAN Roland unveiled the Roland 700 HiPrint along with the Roland 700 DirectDrive press at the company's “World premiere Roland 700 next generation” event in Offenbach, Germany, March 27-28, 2007.

At the premiere, Michael Nitsche, head of sheetfed product marketing for MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG, explained, “The Roland 700 HiPrint is the ‘all-rounder’ — it is the universal printing press. It covers virtually every single aspect of value-added printing, which includes production efficiency for lower costs and product value for higher revenues.” He noted that the modular Roland 700 HiPrint can be configured as one of more than 3,000 different possible models of a sheetfed offset press, to cover every type of application.

Rated at 16,000 sph straight and 12,000 perfecting (17,000/13,000 with options), the press can be configured for two to 12 colors with a single or double coater. HiPrint features a double-size impression cylinder and touchless sheet transfer for “Hi” print quality and application versatility.

“The Roland 700 HiPrint is aimed at printing companies that mainly focus on innovative enhancement of their print products, meaning industrial-scale inline finishing such as coating, double coating, UV, embossing, cold foil transfer and the like,” added Dr. Markus Rall, MAN Roland board member in charge of sheetfed presses.

Cold foil advantage

The Roland InlineFoiler PRINDOR won a 2006 PIA/GATF “InterTech Award” for integrating foiling into the printing process. Unlike traditional hot-foil stamping, the InlineFoiler uses a “cold foil transfer” process. One of the major advantages MAN Roland credits to cold foil transfer is the capability to perform a changeover between foil transfer and conventional printing in 30 to 60 minutes.

Because two printing units are required for the inline foil transfer, MAN Roland recommends a six-color press configuration. In the first printing unit, the areas of the substrate where foil is to be applied are printed with special adhesive ink using a conventional printing plate. The foil unwinding station is mounted above the second printing unit. The second unit's blanket cylinder presses the foil onto the adhesive areas of the sheet, and the unused foil remains on the carrier layer, which is rewound above the third printing unit. In subsequent units, the areas of the sheet not covered with foil can be printed with absorption-drying inks.

2007 InterTech award winner: DirectDrive

The Roland 700 DirectDrive version is geared specifically toward printers using perfectors and those who require advanced makeready automation. “It is not a universal approach, but a specialized machine to allow the lowest possible makeready times in the industry,” according to Nitsche. “It is a specialty press for printers running very small runs of 5,000 sheets per job or less, who have eight or 10 different jobs per shift.”

Dr. Holger Wiese, head of technical calculation, MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG, offered the premiere attendees a mechanical engineer's perspective on DirectDrive. “The highlight of DirectDrive is the single drive concept for the plate cylinders,” he said. In each unit, the main drive controls the blankets and rollers while a torque drive runs the impression cylinder. Individual units can be disengaged for washup and plate changing on the fly, or all the plates can be changed simultaneously, which cuts washup and plate changing down from 10-16 minutes to 4-6 minutes. Cited as an ideal technology for long perfectors with 8, 10 and 12 printing units, DirectDrive reportedly cuts makeready time on these presses by 60 percent or more when MAN Roland's QuickChange modules are used.

PIA/GATF has awarded a 2007 “InterTech Technology Award” to the Roland 700 DirectDrive press, currently in beta at installation sites in Europe.


A select bundle of QuickChange modules are standard equipment on DirectDrive presses and options for HiPrint presses. Automatic Plate Loading (APL) and 13,000-sph perfecting are standard on ROLAND 700 DirectDrive presses and optional on HiPrint models.

“A productive midsize press has to provide maximum versatility to equip printers to capitalize on the widest variety of opportunities,” says Vince Lapinski, CEO of MAN Roland Inc. “On the other hand, it needs to offer specialized functionality to enable printers to add value to their projects. By offering two distinct ROLAND 700 press lines, MAN Roland makes it easier for printers to choose a model that maximizes the added value they can provide to optimize their profitability.”

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