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manroland TelePresence remote service boasts high success rate

May 26, 2011 12:00 AM

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Following its recent North American survey, manroland has concluded that customers with access to the company’s TelePresence remote service system for sheetfed presses get their equipment back into production 93 percent of the time solely with remote service. Remote repairs are done typically within hours and sometimes within minutes of initiating a remote service request through TelePresence.

When a service technician is required, repairs requested through the TelePresence system are completed as much as 80 percent faster because the problem has been narrowed down to a small number of possible causes. This allows the technician to arrive with the right tools and parts needed to fix any of the alternatives. Nearly 100 percent of the customers who have utilized this value-added service have renewed it.

A manroland 6-color coater/perfector can be connected to as many as 26 computers, and remote technicians can work with all of them as if they were standing next to the unit in question. For mechanical components, remote technicians can see what is happening in various locations via embedded webcams or with the aid of an operator’s hand-held video camera, which is provided by manroland.

Once a service request has been initiated through TelePresence, it reaches the factory in Offenbach, Germany, in seconds. The equipment is identified and its specifications linked over to the North American Remote Service Center in Westmont, IL. A full-time staff of remote technicians keeps pace with service requests as they occur. If specialized expertise is required, factory technicians in Offenbach are brought into a remote diagnostics session.

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