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Paper & Ink Part 1

May 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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Get a thrill

The Thrill of Springhill Printers Contest is a chance to win a trip to Orlando or one of 56 other prizes by submitting your best projects printed on Springhill papers to International Paper (Memphis). There are two categories, Digital and Offset. IP will judge entrants on quality, creativity how the paper is the used. The best work will be featured in a future Springhill promotion.

The winner in each category will win roundtrip airfare for two to Orlando, accommodations for four days and nights at a luxury hotel, a rental car, a spending allowance and two four-day passes to the amusement park. The runner-up in each category will win a high-tech electronics package or $1,000 cash. In lieu of prizes, winners can opt to receive a supply of Springhill paper worth the same amount.

Visit to learn more. You'll be entered to win one of two $500 cash prizes just for visiting. The deadline is July 31, 2007.

Get certified

xpedx (Loveland, OH) has launched a service to help United States commercial and in-plant printers attain Chain-of-Custody certification for both SFI and FSC. Working with auditor Bureau Veritas Certification, xpedx will facilitate dual certification for printers.

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Presentation papers

HD:P presentation laser paper is the first in Boise Cascades' (Boise, ID) new family of high-definition digital papers. The paper has a 96 brightness rating and is available in three different text weights (24-, 28- and 32-lb.) and two cover weights (80- and 100-lb.). The paper is offered in several traditional cut sheet sizes, as well as sizes specific to digital presses: 11 × 17, 12 × 18 and 14.33 × 20.5 inches.

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Inks for everyone

Toyo Ink (Addison, IL) has a number of new ink innovations, including:

  • Aqualess Ultra Process, a premium process-color ink series specially formulated for sheetfed offset printing applications. It features an optimum balance of resin, pigment, solvent and other additives to perform in varying environments. It handles the ink delivery system, temperature, roller system and plate requirements of waterless presses. It comes to full color quickly for fast makereadies and reduced waste.
  • Heatset web inks are color-matched for various proofing systems and specially formulated for drying under low heat energy conditions. It boasts high strength and gloss with low dot gain and stable emulsion curves. K2 Heatset Process series provides sharp printing, high contrast and good trapping. Master Color (MC) series affords balanced color and stabilized viscosities over short and long magazine production runs.
  • King HyUnity soy Kaleido inks are four-color process inks that offer a larger color gamut that is closer to RGB without using fluorescent pigment.
  • The “24/7” commercial sheetfed ink is so versatile, it reportedly can be the only sheetfed ink a printer needs. This all-purpose, high-gloss ink can handle anything from general commercial printing with inline coating to demanding specialty work with offline surface finishing.

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Eco-friendly ink

EFI's (Foster City, CA) VUTEk BioVu inks are made with renewable resources derived from corn. BioVu ink reportedly delivers the benefits of traditional solvent inks, including the same color gamut as traditional solvent inks. Like other solvent-based inks, BioVu provides durable, strong bonding to uncoated surfaces and resistance to UV light and mechanical wear. The inks are designed specifically to run in high-production environments.

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Mount Royal Printing cuts its ink waste

“I'm using my ink, not wasting it,” says Steve Brinkman, pressroom supervisor for Mount Royal Printing (Baltimore). The shop recently installed a Vale-Tech (Suffolk, England) CD14A cartridge-fed ink dispenser, which has helped the company save more than 50 percent on its ink bill.

Before the installation, Brinkman hand mixed PMS colors every day. The new dispenser enables him to mix the exact amount he needs without waste. He expects the machine to pay for itself in just 24 months with the reduction in ink, disposal and labor costs.

The Vale-Tech CD14A comes preloaded with the Pantone database.


Green paper

Domtar Corp. (Montreal) offers a comprehensive line of high-quality, environmentally responsible papers. All Domtar EarthChoice products contain fiber from forests that have been certified to the rigorous standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and most include post-consumer recycled fiber. Domtar EarthChoice is the only line of papers endorsed by Rainforest Alliance and supported by WWF-Canada and Forest Ethics.

To order a Domtar EarthChoice sample book, call 1-800-6-DOMTAR.

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Digital papers

Xerox's (Rochester, NY) coated paper line has shed some pounds, with its newest family member weighing in at a 60-lb. text — 25 percent lighter than the standard coated paper grade. This 60-lb. text (90gsm) is the industry's most lightweight paper for high-volume digital color printing, reportedly delivering 20 percent more pages per inch than the next lightest digital coated paper on the market. Lighter paper is used to produce magazine pages, marketing brochures, catalogs and children's books, which were often done on offset presses. Now print providers can print these materials digitally.

Xerox also has announced a new carbonless paper that enables iGen3 press customers to produce colorful multi-part bank statements, invoices and claim forms quickly. In addition to the iGen3 press, the paper works with many of Xerox's production and office printers and multifunction devices, offering and economical and efficient way to add colorful logos and highlighted content to each sheet of a contract or receipt, direct-mail pieces, brochures and more.

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Ink for any press or application

Van Son Holland Ink Corp.'s (Islandia, NY) Quickson PRO is an oil-based ink that reportedly offers a host of competitive advantages. It is formulated to work with ease on any size press and for any application. The ink is available in process and 16 Pantone colors packaged in 2.2-lb. vacuum sealed cans. Key attributes of Quickson PRO include good ink and water balance, making it an ink that sets extremely fast with all fountain solutions and dampening systems; its ability to stay fresh overnight on the press; and the ability to dry fast and hard on a variety of substrates. After processing, Quickson PRO can be coated inline with aqueous coatings or off-line with UV coating, and it will film laminate. It is laser safe after 48 to 72 hours of curing time.

Van Son has implemented a dedicated Quickson PRO hot line at 800-645-4182.

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Color specifying and easy transfers

Neenah Paper (Alpharetta, GA) has created a guide to help graphic designers specify color. “Olive is Not Drab,” the latest Classic Crest papers promotion, provides an unconventional reference tool based on the Dewey Color System. Neenah has included a range of ready-made color palettes, each with an explanation of what those colors say to the world about a company, brand, product or person. See
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Fast-set inks

Wikoff Color's (Fort Mill, SC) Hyper-Set process inks boast fast set speeds achieved with environmentally friendly formulations that are low in VOCs. Hyper-Set inks stay open on press and are very stable over the course of long pressruns. The inks reportedly exhibit good rub resistance on a wide variety of papers.

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Reduce ink splashing

KBA North America's (Williston, VT) SprayLo transfer roller reduces ink misting and splashing. The roller's surface structure assists emptying of the film roller so the printer sends less ink overall to the film roller. It is available to all users of KBA Compacta web offset presses and can be retrofitted on legacy systems at any time.

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Inks reduce misting and VOCs

Sun Chemical's (Chicago) Triton four-color process inks address concerns for misting and high volumes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The environmentally friendly Triton helps form a finer water droplet in the emulsified ink. The improved roller transfer and ink laydown reportedly results in better color control and more uniform densities. Because it is produces better emulsion, the ink film is thinner and misting is lessened. This should translate to less press maintenance and less waste created by web breaks or contamination in non-image areas. VOCs are reduced by 15 to 20 percent.

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Paper works the runway

The “Fashion of Paper” Show, a runway show of cultural fashions constructed purely from paper and held in conjunction with Graphics of the Americas, drew a crow of over 1,500 attendees. The runway show united design, paper and print into a collection of paper dresses.

AIGA Miami teamed up with national paper distributor Unisource to oversee all creative standards of paper design. Fifteen designers and design firms were chosen by AIGA and were assigned a country and paper from Unisource mills. The runway was traversed in paper fashions of Bangladesh, Croatia, Mali, Samoa and Venezula, among others.

CTI Paper saves creativity

There is no greater tragedy than when artists outlive their creativity, as CTI Paper USA's (Sun Prairie, WI) new promotional piece illustrates. “Our Deepest Sympathies for the Death of your Creativity” features “case studies” that apply real-world creative applications to everyday problems. The booklet follows five fictitious designers and art directors whose creativity meets an untimely demise, but in the end is saved by CTI's papers.

Actual samples of the projects described are bound into the book, and the entire piece showcases CTI's ASPIRE Petallics metallic papers, Currency metallic papers and Glama Natural translucent papers. Printing and finishing techniques include third generation stochastic printing, use of four-color Hexachrome inks, embossing, perforating and grommet binding.

This limited edition promotion was produced in collaboration with two Chicago-based companies: At Last! Marketing and the printer, Chicago's Classic Color.

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Moving day

Interactive Inks & Coatings has re-located to a larger facility at 1610 Shanahan Drive, P.O. Box 158, South Elgin, IL 606177. The company now can be reached at (800) 344-4650 or (847) 289-8710, fax (847) 289-8762.


Ink savings software

The PlugINKSAVE module from OneVision (Regensburg, Germany) is a plug-in for the company's Asura and Asura Pro software. It uses four-dimensional color management techniques to reduce the amount of CMY ink required in the printing process and maximize the amount of less expensive black ink without affecting image quality or appearance. PlugINKSAVE's easy-to-use interface facilitates parameter setting and adjustment without third-party expertise.

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Mohawk papers honor designer

Since 1988, Pentagram's Michael Bierut has worked in close collaboration with Robert A.M. Stern, dean of the Yale School of Architecture, designing more than 40 posters for open houses, conferences and public programs. Mohawk Fine Papers (Cohoes, NY) has published a book celebrating this collaboration: “Forty Posters for the Yale School of Architecture.”

Mohawk is committing any profits from the sale of books to support the AIGA Winterhouse Awards for Design Writing & Criticism. The book is distributed by Winterhouse Editions, and the price is $20 per copy at

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Cost-effective custom watermarks has introduced custom watermark fine stationery. Customers can watermark a company logo, family crest, special event logo, wedding stationery or security feature. Customers upload a PDF file of their watermark image directly to, choose one of the Strathmore stationery surfaces from Mohawk Fine Papers (Cohoes, NY) and enter the order for a minimum of two cartons of 8.5 × 11-inch sheets. Approximately five days after receiving artwork, The Paper Mill Store will send a sample of the actual stationery for approval. Once approved, the customer will receive their custom watermark stationery in three to four weeks for less than five cents per sheet.

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Breakthrough technology in four-color commercial printing

Color Control Network (CCN) (Dallas) announces the availability of its patented technology that offers an extended color gamut and accuracy to offset printing. Henry Martinez, founder and CEO of CCN, has received two U.S. patents for his work in the field of four-color lithography.

In the methodology for modeling the behavior of inks, CCN uses a number of algorithms to generate a proprietary, 256-component, 32-curve set that is applied to each file before it is plated. Adjustments are based on detailed analysis of the elements of a given job, including, but not limited to, characteristics of the press, the proofing system and the paper.

CCN's Web-based service is easily integrated with the most basic to the most complex of today's workflows. The system is designed to work with digital halftone proofing systems from leading manufacturers and currently supports Kodak's Approval. Support for other manufacturers' proofing systems are planned and will follow at a later date.


Natural paper

Wausau Paper (Wausau, WI) has introduced Exact Ice Natural, a natural shade addition to its Exact Ice bright white line of papers. Exact Ice Natural provides a warm hue for true skin tones and natural earth tones without sacrificing sharpness and contrast. It was developed primarily for offset printing, but text weights and 65-lb. cover also are inkjet and laser guaranteed.

Exact Ice Natural is available in 60- and 70-lb. text weights in 8.5 × 11, 11 × 17, 23 × 35 and 25 × 38 inches, and 65- and 80-lb. cover weights are available in 8.5 × 11, 17 × 11, 23 × 35 and 26 × 40 inches.

Wausau Paper also announced that all five grades of its Exact Digital Color Copy Hyper White line, specifically formulated for use in commercial digital printing presses, electrophotographic copiers and inkjet and laser printers, has been qualified for the Kodak NexPress digital production color presses by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Printing Application Laboratory.

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