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Jun 1, 2008 12:00 AM

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This is the second in our annual two-part feature detailing the current paper and ink products on the market. See part 1 in our May 2008 issue or online at

In addition, look for late-breaking news from Drupa 2008 in our July issue.

Waterless offset ink

Van Son's (Islandia, NY) Quickson Pro Waterless ink is formulated to strike a balance between technology and ingenuity. Offering the company's widest critical tone temperature (CTT), it resists toning and mottle from 63 to 97° F. This reportedly makes it possible to print heavier ink films with higher color densities, lower dot gains and exceptional rub resistance. The ink is compatible with all waterless plates and presses.

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Wide-format photo-quality paper

LexJet (Sarasota, FL) has released Prime SUV Gloss and Prime SUV Satin, photo-quality papers for solvent, low-solvent and UV-curable printers. In addition to photo and fine-art reproduction, the 10-mil glossy and satin photo papers can be used in applications ranging from tradeshow graphics to point-of-purchase signage and posters.

LexJet Prime Gloss SUV and Prime Satin SUV are the latest additions to LexJet's Décor line, which has been developed to provide LexJet customers with a range of choices for a variety of décor markets. The new SUV photo papers are available in 36-, 54- and 61-inch widths.

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Three is a magic number

Three of Sappi Fine Paper North America's (Boston) mills — Somerset Mill in Skowhegan, ME; Muskegon Mill in Muskegon, MI; and Cloquet Mill in Cloquet, MN — have achieved triple chain of custody certifications to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Forest Stewardship Council and Programme for the Endoresment of Forest Certification programs. In addition, the Cloquet and Somerset Mills are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative's Fiber Sourcing program.

Sappi has worked during the past 18 months to certify its three coated fine paper mills to the FSC, SFI and PEFC chain of custody standards, and renew certification to the 2005-2009 SFI Standard, which was first achieved in 2004. All certifications were achieved through independent third-party audits managed by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Recyclable inkjet cartridge packaging

Participants in LexJet's Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program who use LexJet Ink for HP 5000/5500 wide-format inkjet printers will receive their recycled ink in newly updated packaging. Everything — including the box, the bag and the inkjet cartridge — is recyclable.

LexJet has recycled more than 100,000 HP 5000/5500 inkjet cartridges since 2005. The Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program recently was expanded to include a broader range of cartridges for HP, Epson, and Canon printers. Participants in LexJet's HP 5000/5500 Ink program receive a $2 credit with each returned cartridge. Those who recycle any of the other cartridges in LexJet's expanded Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program do not receive a credit. LexJet will ensure the cartridges and their components are properly recycled, reused, or disposed of properly.
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Quick-drying paper

Sappi (Boston) Fine Paper North America has launched Tempo, which offers printers the opportunity to cut standard ink setting time in half. A two-sided printed sheet reportedly is ready for bindery twice as fast as standard coated paper.

Tempo is available in gloss and matte finishes and in basis weights of 70-100-lb. text and 80-lb. cover. It is available in press-ready miniskids and carton put-ups for text and cover.

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Label designer collection

Designers and brand owners seeking inspiration for branding initiatives that will adorn their upcoming fashion lines can see a number of concepts in Avery Dennison's (Framingham, MA) Designer Collection for Spring/Summer '09. The collection embodies a theme of renewal and reflects Avery Dennison's commitment to bringing eco-friendly trim solutions to the fashion industry through combinations of organic and synthetic materials, new techniques developed with eco-awareness and the recycling of unexpected materials. A range of apparel branding products, including graphic hang tags, woven and printed fabric labels, leather patches, heat transfers, RFID tickets, size stickers and more are included in the two-volume presentation book.

The collection also presents the new water-based Avery Dennison Halo-free Eco Transfer, which displays type in sizes less than five-point fonts and exhibits no adhesive halo around images or type for a crisp and clean image.

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Quick drying for great color

International Paper's Hammermill (Memphis) introduces papers enhanced with ColorLok Technology to ensure superior performance and higher print quality. Images printed on papers with ColorLok Technology reportedly dry up to three times faster than images on ordinary paper, so there's less chance of smearing. Reportedly, blacks are up to 60 percent bolder and colors are up to 30 percent more vivid.

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Certify eco-friendly ink products

Braden Sutphin Ink Co. (Cleveland) has launched EcoSmart, a certification program that helps printers, print buyers and end-users understand the attributes of the company's environmentally friendly ink products. The EcoSmart certification program is an extension of the company's growing line of environmentally safe ink products. These include EcoPride, an ink made from a combination of vegetable oils, with less than three percent petroleum distillates. Press-ready EcoPride inks have a medium tack and viscosity and can be UV coated offline. They are formulated for commercial and folding carton printers.

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Digital papers

UPM has launched its range of digital printing papers in the North American market. The UPM DIGI line includes coated and uncoated fine papers, as well as magazine and newsprint papers for digital printing processes. Finishes include gloss, silk and matte, and weights range from 27-lb. to 120 c.

UPM DIGI includes 15 paper qualities in three categories:

  • UPM DIGI Fine includes coated and uncoated freesheet papers from 47.3 lb. to 120 c.
  • UPM DIGI Magazine includes mechanical magazine papers from 40.5 lb. to 67.6 lb.
  • UPM DIGI Newsprint is a range of newsprint quality papers for digital printing from 27 lb. to 40.5 lb.

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Expanded digital portfolio

Neenah Paper (Alpharetta, GA) is expanding its digital portfolio to include additional cut-size items in the company's Classic Crest and Classic Linen brands. The new precision cut sizes of Classic Crest (18 × 12-inch cover) are stocked and ready for immediate shipment. The new Classic Linen items (12 × 18-inch text and 18 × 12-inch cover) will be available Q2 2008. Several items in the digital lineup are certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology for either HP Indigo or Kodak NexPress.

All Classic Linen papers are designed carbon neutral (offsetting 100 percent of the emissions associated with the manufacturing of these papers), and all Classic Crest papers are carbon neutral and Green-e certified (using 100 percent certified renewable energy).

Material for folding cartons

FiberMark (Battleboro, VT) has announced Dorset, the new cover and folding carton material with a pigment coating and smooth matte finish. Beater-dyed, which ensures color consistency from run to run and throughout the sheet, Dorset features a matte pigment coating for deep, rich color saturation. It is available in 17- and 23-pt. thicknesses.

Dorset is offered in eight colors, including sandstone, dusk, green tea, imperial red, rondo, midnight, espresso and raven. All colors are composed of 35 percent recycled content (except Sandstone at 10 percent), and can be foil stamped or screen printed easily. Dorset is suited to folding carton applications and other stationery materials, including slipcases, folders and portfolios, invitations and cards and notebook and journal covers. Dorset also is available in custom colors and embossing options.

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MetalFX featured in New UPM workbook

MetalFX Technology Leeds, England), a Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp. subsidiary (, is featured in a new series of workbooks designed to showcase UPM Finesse papers in a variety of paper surfaces and substance weights. The issue features automobile images printed with MetalFX inks and finished with various textures and UV varnishes.

According to Mark Geeves, MetalFX vice president, Americas, “The techniques illustrated in these workbooks can be duplicated by any licensed MetalFX printer.”

The UPM Printing and Paper Workbooks are available from 179 or visit

Revised brand boasts special surface treatment and more

Neenah Paper showcases the printability of the revised Coronado SST brand in the gradeline's newest text and cover promotion. Coronado SST (special surface treatment) offers the print performance of a coated sheet with the tactile beauty of an uncoated sheet. It is available in two whites, five finishes and six weights. The most recent addition to the brand includes a smooth finish, 130 Sheffield. Offering a range of textures, the brand's finishes also include super smooth, vellum, cord and stipple. Infinite white and bright white have 98 and 95 brightness, respectively. Coronado also features new digital sizes: 8.5 × 11 inches and 12 × 18 inches in 80-lb. text and 8.5 × 11 and 18 × 12 in 80-lb. cover, all tested and approved for presses such as HP Indigo, Kodak NexPress and Xerox iGen3.

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High-whiteness uncoated freesheet substitute

AbitibiBowater (Montreal) introduces Ecopaque, the first new product of the recently formed company. Ecopaque is a high-whiteness UFS substitute developed for the commercial printing industry. UFS substitutes are mechanical fiber papers specifically engineered to offer better opacity at lighter basis weights than uncoated freesheet. This paper is manufactured chlorine-free and delivers a CIE whiteness of 120.

The new paper uses 50 percent less wood fiber than freesheet at the equivalent basis weight. The fiber used is harvested from sustainable woodlands that are certified to credible and globally recognized sustainable forest management (SFM) standards. The “green” production process uses hydroelectricity, which reduces the amount of fossil fuel used and lowers greenhouse gases by 75 percent.

The paper is available in 42.5-, 45- and 50-lb. basis weights. The 45-lb. sheet reportedly has the opacity and caliper of a 60-lb. premium No. 1 opaque offset sheet, which means its lighter weight offers the potential to reduce mailing costs or allow more to be included in a mailing within its postal class rate.

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Expanded ink product line

La Crosse Litho Supply (Sussex, WI) has expanded its PrecisionImage TTK series of process color inks. Along with the original TTKO Stay Open series, new additions include: TTKSDE Standard Drier series; TTKQS Quick Set series; TTKUVP Paper series; and TTKUVHA Plastic series.

Available exclusively through La Crosse Litho Supply, the PrecisionImage TTK series of process inks includes the TTKO and TTKSDE series made specifically for the commercial sheetfed market to minimize waste and cut costs by developing color quickly on press. The TTKO series comes in 2.2 lb. vacuum packs of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The TTKSDE series is available in cyan, magenta and black in 6.5-lb. vacuum packs or 8-lb. sentinel tubes; yellow is available in a 6-lb. vacuum pack or an 8-lb. sentinel tube. Dense Black is available for both series in a 2.2-lb. vacuum pack.

The PrecisionImage TTKQS series of process inks are fast drying, quick setting and can be applied to a variety of substrates. The TTKQS series is made for commercial sheetfed printers and available in 2.2-lb. cans of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

The PrecisionImage TTKUVP and TTKUVHA series process inks were created especially for paper and high adhesion requirements for plastics printing. These premium inks are low in VOCs. The TTKUVP series comes in 8-lb. kits in cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The TTKUVHA series is available in cyan, magenta, yellow and black in 8-lb. kits. Opaque White and PMS bases and blends are available for both series in an 8-lb. kit.

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Substrates for HP Indigo

GPA (Chicago) has released a new Ultra Digital catalog, which boasts the largest and most comprehensive collection of substrates for HP Indigo digital presses available on the market. The selection consists of coated and uncoated papers, specialty fine papers, pressure-sensitive papers, pressure-sensitive films, nonadhesive films, and FSC-certified substrates.

New Ultra Digital product highlights include FSC certified Ultra Digital papers with 100 percent recycled content, new Ultra Print economy coated papers and Ultra Digital Pearl shimmering pearlescent papers. Additional unique products added include preconverted direct-mail substrates, layflat photo pages with FlexBind, and a two-pocket folder kit.

The catalog now lists GSM and caliper for all products, along with GPA's Print Trial Process, an evaluation tool created to help customers achieve optimum performance of each substrate.

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Design, democracy and differentiation

Monadnock Paper Mills (Bennington, NH) announces the third installment of its “Masters of Design” series. “Masters Volume III” shows the work of Duffy & Partners and features an interview with design legend Joe Duffy, chairman and CCO of Duffy & Partners.

This promotion is printed on Astrolite PC 100, an FSC-certified, 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper. All Monadnock printing and packaging papers are manufactured carbon neutral using 100 percent renewable electricity.

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Online ‘green’ paper finder

Unisource Worldwide Inc. (Norcross, GA) has launched a “Greenfinder” — an online paper sourcing tool — at

Unisource Paper customers can use the greenfinder to select environmental attributes by paper grade. In addition, a customer can access information regarding specific stocking SKUs of the chosen environmentally responsible paper, by indicating a location in the greenfinder. The site also provides details on green printing certifications.

Sheetfed offset inks for high speeds

Flint Group (Plymouth, MI) introduces the new Novavit F 950 PLUS BIO and Novavit F 550 PLUS ranges for sheetfed offset printing. These inks have been developed for fast-running printing presses and shiny coated paper and cardboard stocks. Novavit F 550 PLUS is especially suited to straight printing mode; the most recent binding agent technologies facilitate better ink/water performance. Novavit F 950 BIO PLUS has been designed for use in very high-speed multicolor printing presses for face and reverse printing modes. Both series demonstrate improved misting properties at high printing speeds.

The INULINE ink/varnish system constitutes a further innovation. The name stands for two innovative ink-varnish systems. The first consists of a special printing ink, Novavit F770 INULINE, which penetrates quickly, is highly pigmented and has a wax-free formulation; Ultraking INULINE is a corresponding UV varnish. The system permits the user to apply a UV varnish directly inline to a conventional sheetfed offset printing ink without using a primer. The second element of the INULINE system delivers extremely high gloss rates with a water-based coating. The same Novavit F770 INULINE is used, this time combined with the special Novaset 7302/100 INULINE water-based coating.

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UV inks for sheetfed offset

UV ink specialist Zeller+Gmelin (Richmond, VA) introduces its new Uvalux Cure-Master series of sheetfed inks to the North American market. The ink was developed to create an environmentally friendly UV ink that has the ease of use and print performance normally associated with conventional lithographic inks.

“Extensive trialing and refinement prior to its national introduction has shown that using the product does indeed meet the printer's needs for low odor, zero VOC, and minimal energy consumption,” says sheetfed product manager Les Watkins, who notes the ability to achieve color stability also can reduce waste by up to 50 percent. “The print characteristics are exceptional and allow the printer to run as fine as 10 micron stochastic screens at high densities without fear of losing control.”

Uvalux Cure-Master Series inks are available in three versions to encompass all types of substrates, including plastics and poorer grades of paper. Along with process colors, a range of blending colors is available, including high permanency types for outdoor display.

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High gloss on POP displays

ThermaGloss 460 is a water-based, heat-resistant overprint varnish from Michelman (Cincinnati) that produces high gloss, low odor and dry rub resistance. It is said to be ideal for use on corrugated preprint liner or other packaging where high temperature processing would typically cause conventional OPVs to pick, soften or smear. Typical applications include retail packaging, POP displays and ink protection.

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Sustainable practices tutorial

Gans Ink & Supply Co. (Los Angeles) has produced a 10-minute video titled, “10 Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Pressroom.” This video provides practical strategies for printers who want to appeal to increasingly environmentally sensitive print buyers. Whether a printer is forced by stricter regulations to reduce volatile emissions or simply wants to develop more efficient, sustainable practices, this video offers useful suggestions on sustainable print production.


The scoop on YUPOBlue

YUPOBlue is the first Yupo Corp. America (Virginia Beach, VA) paper officially approved for use with the HP Indigo printer. At a recent Dscoop meeting, the Yupo team demonstrated the fast-drying, stretch-resistant synthetic substrate and challenged attendees to take the “Wally Tape Test.” A likeness of Yupo's mascot, Wally, was used to demonstrate the superior ink adhesion qualities of the new product. When guests applied and peeled away ordinary transparent tape over the printed image of Wally on YUPOBlue, the tape lifted but the ink stayed put.

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Three join Print Suppliers Group

The Print Suppliers Group (PSG) (Calabasas, CA) has announced the addition of three new members: Bowers Ink (Nashville, TN), Primary Colors (Greensboro, NC) and Strategic Ink Solutions (Chicago).

“PSG has tripled in size in the last three years, a big leap since our founding seven years ago,” says Dennis Curtin, PSG president.

Chris Cox, PSG's executive director, adds, “Our focus on technical competence and superlative service offers solutions to match even the most challenging print jobs from our customers, and meet the demand for higher quality in the marketplace.”


FSC-certified opaque line

Domtar has achieved FSC certification for its Lynx Opaque line, available in text and cover weights, digital sizes and folio sheets. FSC-certified Lynx rolls also are available. The certification has elevated Lynx Opaque to the Domtar EarthChoice family of environmentally and socially responsible papers. In addition to being fully elemental chlorine free (ECF) and lignin free, 96-brightness Lynx Opaque is made acid-free for longevity and archival quality.

New Husky swatchbook

Domtar has released a new swatchbook for Husky Offset, the company's workhorse offset product line. touted as “a reliable on-press performer,” Husky offers a 92 GE brightness, blue-white shade and is stocked in a range of weights from 50- to 80-lb. smooth text and 50- to 60-lb. vellum to 7- and 9-pt. Reply Card, with additional items available by order. Cut-size sheets in smooth finish are guaranteed to perform on laser printers, desktop inkjet printers and color copiers. SFI-certified and manufactured chlorine-free and acid-free, Husky Offset also delivers archival quality for long life.

The new Husky swatchbook provides a one-glance reference to stocking sizes, basis weights, finishes, specifications and plain samples.

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Environmentally friendly colored paper

Cascades Fine Papers Group's (Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada) Rockland line of colored paper now contains up to 100 percent recycled fiber. Rockland also is EcoLogo certified and manufactured using biogas energy. The Rockland line is available in 9 colors and 4 basis weights for applications such as brochures, annual reports and stationery. See
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Gee, your paper smells terrific

In association with Montreal-based fragrance maker VEX Emotions and Ultra Ink, Cascades Fine Papers Group has launched Olfaprint fragrance paper. Using a new patented technology that integrates scent with paper, Olfaprint offers fragrances such as earth, bubble gum, suntan lotion and apple pie. For printers, the paper requires no change to existing production patterns.


UV-cured piezo inks

EFI (Foster City, CA) has released its 3M piezo inkjet ink series 2800 UV for use with EFI's VUTEk QS2000 and QS3200 superwide printers and a range of opaque, clear and translucent 3M media. Acting as a system, 3M piezo inkjet inks and 3M media ensure vibrant, long-lasting four- or six-color graphics when used with VUTEk QS2000 or QS3200 printers. The inks are specially designed for use with two- and four-mil 3M Controltac graphic films and 3M Scotchlite reflective graphic films, as well as with a range of rigid materials. These UV-cured inks are durable, weather-resistant and have good color retention. Their flexaibility makes them suitable for use on curved, corrugated or flat surfaces, with or without rivets, when producing fleet and vehicle graphics, indoor and outdoor signs, banners and flexible sign faces.

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Added paper finish

Appleton Coated's (Kimberly, WI) Utopia Two: Xtra Green (U2:XG) now is available in gloss, dull and new matte finishes. The paper features a blue-white shade, 30 percent PCW content in all weights including cover and FSC certification.

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INX to own majority interest in Megaink Digital

Sakata Inx (Schamburg, IL) worldwide operations have announced an agreement with the ownership group of Czech Republic-based Megaink Digital a.s., taking a majority interest in Megaink Digital a.s. The company will offer customers a broad spectrum of digital ink products and services for wide-format and super-wide-format printing as a member of INX Digital, the digital arm of Sakata's INX Intl. Ink Co.

“Megaink Digital will strengthen our ability to service digital printing operations worldwide — particularly in rapidly growing areas such as Eastern Europe, as well as the Americas, and in Africa and the Middle East where Mega Digital has established a strong presence in just six years since the company was founded,” says INX Intl. president and CEO Rick Clendenning.

Andrej Keblusek, managing director of Megaink Digital a.s., adds, “This joint venture with INX Intl. will be very beneficial to our rapidly expanding customer base — not only with additional distribution and support, but with added product development and related resources available through Sakata Inx.”

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Ultrahigh-density ink set

Color Control Network (CCN) (Dallas) has certified a set of Ink Systems Inc. (Los Angeles) CCN process sheetfed inks for use with its ultra-high-density intense color offset printing process. Color Control Network and Ink Systems Inc. entered into a co-marketing agreement in September 2007 and this is the first ink set to be certified. Additional sets for sheetfed UV, Co-Cure and web heatset are expected in the near future.

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