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About the environmental organizations

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 AM

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The Forest Stewardship Council is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the independent certification of forests. FSC promotes responsible forest management by evaluating and accrediting certifiers, by encouraging the development of national and regional forest management standards, and by providing public education and information about independent, third-party certification as a tool for ensuring that the world's forests are protected for future generations. See


The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is an independent certification program involving a comprehensive system of principles, objectives and performance measurements developed by professional foresters, conservationists and scientists. Together they combine the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the long-term protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water quality. In addition to the commitment to continuously improve sustainable forest management, the SFI standard addresses economic, environmental, cultural and legal issues. See


The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is a global organization that endorses national forest certification systems that meet their requirements for sustainable forestry, with the goal of promoting sustainable forest management worldwide. See

Green Seal

Washington D.C.-based Green Seal is a non-profit, third-party certifier and standards development body. Since 1989, it has provided independent, objective, science-based guidance to the marketplace and to consumers. Green Seal is the largest U.S.-based ecolabeling organization and meets the EPA's Criteria for Third Party Certifiers, the requirements of ISO 14020 and 14024, and the standards of the Global Ecolabeling Network (GEN). Green Seal takes a life-cycle approach, evaluating a product from the raw materials through the manufacturing process and ending with recycling and disposal. Products only become certified after rigorous science-based evaluation, including on-site plant visits. The Green Seal means the product has passed the tests, works as well as or better than others in its class, and has been evaluated without bias or conflict of interest. See

This is the country's leading carbon reduction and offset organization. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects where they are most cost effective. works with more than 300 corporate and non-profit partners.