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Put Some Bling On It!

Oct 1, 2012 12:00 AM

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We’ve got some practical productivity ideas and useful offset resources.


“Presses are pesky things, subject to all sorts of mechanical and atmospheric conditions,” says Glenn Andrews of “These variable factors affect press performance, especially dot gain. A press operator has limited control over dot gain, but dot gain is easily changed by the use of plate curves. The problem is plate curves are set up over in the prepress department and getting a change made would involve asking for help—a direct violation of the Male Code…”

WE SAY: Admitting you have a problem is the first step! Hug it out!

Practice Pressroom Courtesy

“Leave the press the way that you would like it to be left for you,” advises operator  Bill Kozak. “Even if you are going to be the next operator running the press, leave everything in the perfect circumstances to start it up again. This might involve little things like spraying the rollers or ink fountain with something that will prevent it from drying.”

BOOKMARK IT: Read more of Bill’s real-world advice at Peruse Gordon Pritchard’s prepress tips at


Trelleborg Printing Blankets is best known to U.S. readers for its acquisitions: Reeves Brothers (2006) and MacDermid (2008). New products include the Vulcan Synthesis Evo for heatset presses, as well as the Rollin MyCoat, a two-ply mylar based strippable coating blanket.

BOOKSHELF: Trelleborg’s free white paper features blanket performance tips for commercial web, sheetfed and newspapers presses.


“You need to hit color quickly with no waste or color correcting on press,” advises Ron Ellis, Consultant and IDEAlliance GRACoL Chair. “New presses can achieve color in as few as twenty-five sheets. Process control is the key—measure and evaluate constantly.”

As a press incrementally goes out of calibration, an operator will do whatever it takes to match color, to the detriment of make-ready time and waste. “Eventually, press operators can’t match the proof, and some customers may walk out,” warns Ellis. “Using process control and monitoring the print condition ensures you are maintaining your proof-to-press match, as well as quick make-readies. Consider the G7 Process Control program.”

SHOUTOUT: Printers recently achieving G7 certification include Creel Printing, Graphcom, Mt. Vernon Printing, Navitor, and Worzalla.


Bring a hybrid approach to your web offset press with an inkjet add-on. GSS and Adphos offer a tower, dryer, and carriage (TDC) inkjet system for HP’s new C800 Print Module.

SHOUTOUT: Intelligencer recently added a Kodak Prosper S10 imprinting system. Also: Maggio Data Forms added an MCS Eagle ink-jet to do consecutive bar codes on business forms on its high-speed web presses. Maggio swaps the ink from black to red with a single setup, enabling it to print two separate runs with different colors.


Considering UV? Take a look at the new single-lamp systems. McCallum Print Group retrofitted Komori’s H-UV system to its Lithrone S40 press. Energy usage is significantly reduced versus traditional inter-deck UV systems.

At drupa, IST METZ produced all of the components of a promotional tangram puzzle on a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-5+L. The outer packaging was cured with one LE UV lamp, thanks to the use of highly reactive inks and varnishes. The playing instructions were produced with UV inks on transparent PET film. Says IST METZ, “UV technology ensures high print quality and facilitates immediate processing, providing material and energy savings.”

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“Creative Cloud is the best thing to happen to Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver...all my favorite Adobe software products,” enthuses “Lareieli,” an online reviewer. “Not only is the [$50 monthly] subscription service the perfect way to stay up to date with all of the latest advancements in these products… the cloud [lets you] maintain the same work flow even while transitioning between desktop and laptop, or even between Mac and PC!”

BONUS: Creative Cloud members get exclusive Illustrator and other updates.


Are you getting the most from your MIS? “EFI Connect is the place for customers to explore the latest technology developments and learn how to fully utilize their existing EFI tools,” says Frank Mallozzi, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. The annual users’ conference takes place January 15–18, 2013 in Las Vegas. Direct-machine interface data collection systems can pinpoint machine problems, and they aren’t just for the big guys anymore. Octopus MES can monitor presses ranging from one-color duplicators to seven-story web presses.

Hybrid Software’s middleware solution “Pipeline” is billed as “a universal connector for all your business systems.” It facilitates the JDF linking from MIS to other applications—it gathers, combines, and processes information from any of the user’s data stores.

SoftSolutions’ award-winning Flex solution is an intelligent shop floor system that supports the realtime management needs of an operation “from the shop floor to top floor.” Flex provides rapid integration across third-party systems, using open industry standards such as JDF/JMF.