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Mail-Well produces safety-oriented envelopes

Nov 7, 2001 12:00 AM

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Mail-Well Inc. (Englewood, CO) has announced it will begin immediate production of two safety-oriented envelopes for its customers in response to "recent events affecting the U.S. postal system"--presumably, the spread of Anthrax through mail.
The Visulope allows for visual detection of unusual substances prior to opening. It has an extra window at its bottom to show whether any foreign objects have been placed inside.
The tamper-evident envelope indicates whether it has been opened prior to delivery.
Additional products are reportedly in the research and development phase. These include the contamination alert envelope, which changes color if it has a biological contaminant inside or has come in contact with a biological contaminant. The antibacterial envelope would be treated with agents that can kill biological contaminants.