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Heidelberg's proofing solution and color management earns top spot in GATF study

Feb 14, 2002 12:00 AM

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Heidelberg's (Kennesaw, GA) proofing solution and ICC color management took top ratings in a recent eight-up digital color proofing study matching a digital color proof to a press sheet.

The results were announced at the January 2002 GATF Tech Alert Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

In the ranking of seven companies which included Agfa, Kodak, Fuji Film, DuPont, CGS and Creo as well as Heidelberg, GATF independently measured the supplied IT8.7/3 test chart with 928 color patches of each company's proof against the GATF press sheet. The test chart was measured using a spectrophotometer and the color differences between the proof and press sheet were calculated. The Heidelberg proofing solution had the closest color match to the supplied press sheet.

The color difference was described as a Delta E value, the term used in measured color differences, with the smallest color difference having the smallest Delta E value. Not only did the Heidelberg proofing solution have the lowest average Delta E value (1.97) of the 928 color patches, but the color with the greatest Delta E difference was nearly half the value of the next closest proof.

Heidelberg's solution incorporates an HP Designjet 5000 with the appropriate ink, paper and color management technology.

"Heidelberg has always heard from a qualitative basis that our color matching technology was excellent," said Ray Cassino, director, Heidelberg Prepress. "With these results, we now can substantiate that proof with quantitative data."