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GATF announces 2001 InterTech Technology Award winners

Aug 1, 2001 12:00 AM

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GATF has awarded nine innovative technologies with InterTech Technology Awards. The winners were chosen for the prestigious title from 38 submissions. They are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Digimarc MediaBridge Solutions, Digimarc Corporation (Tualatin, OR)
Digimarc MediaBridge Solutions is a suite of software tools that allows printers and publishers to embed a unique and imperceptible digital watermark into virtually any printed material. Digitally watermarked print materials instantly link readers to online information when held in front of a Web camera or other image-capture device enabled with free Digimarc MediaBridge software. The software launches a browser that instantly connects the user to relevant information, applications, offers, or opportunities to purchase on the Internet.

Ecocool, Heidelberg (Dover, NH)
Heidelberg’s Ecocool is the first web offset system to integrate the dryer and the chill roll section within a single module, an innovative configuration that improves print quality by eliminating condensation. The design also reduces space requirements for a web press by up to 11.5 feet and improves web dynamics. p> Supertrap/Supertrap Plus, Heidelberg (Kennesaw, GA)
Supertrap is the first plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 4.0+ that traps native PDF 1.3 documents; there is no conversion to an alternate file format. This allows users to create their own modular PDF workflows. It offers fully interactive trapping, as well as some automated trapping, which is especially useful when trapping multi-page documents. Trap decisions are based on neutral density, and since each trap is identified as a unique vector object layer, each trap can be edited independently of others, or like traps can be edited simultaneously (size, direction, color, etc.). SupertrapPlus adds the ability to create traps with special corners, such as mitered, acute, and beveled, as well as the ability to edit the actual trap paths under visual and interactive controls.

Imation Matchprint Professional Server, Imation Corp. (Oakdale, MN)
The Imation Matchprint Professional Server is a digital front end (DFE) or hardware raster image processor (RIP) that leverages Imation’s color technology to produce fast, accurate, and consistent output in the earliest stages of the creative/production cycle. The server embeds a patented smart color matching module that analyzes ICC sources and destination profiles for precise color target simulations. The Imation Matchprint Professional Server with the Xerox DocuColor 12 is the only printer/copier to be granted SWOP certification, and there is a licensing agreement with PANTONE, contributing to optimum simulation of spot colors.

CIP4 Job Definition Format (JDF), The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP4) (Zurich, Switzerland)
JDF is a comprehensive XML-based file format industry standard for end-to-end job ticket specifications combined with a message description standard and message interchange protocol. As an open standard it will benefit print buyers and print service providers by simplifying the job specifications process by ensuring cross-vendor system communication, and by automating many of today’s manual production processes with a flexible, universal job ticket.

DICOweb, MAN Roland Druckmashinen AG (Augsburg, Germany)
DICOweb is a fully digital web offset press. The core technology is in-press imaging and de-imaging, which makes it unique in the market. The image is produced by a laser shooting pixels from a transfer ribbon onto the printing cylinder. No plates need to be used as the image on the cylinder can be removed after printing. Finishing components are also integrated in the press and can be controlled by console software.

MarkzNet, Markzware, Inc. (Santa Ana, CA)
Combining the power of preflighting with the speed and convenience of the Internet, MarkzNet performs job ticketing, preflighting, collection, compression, and transmission of the job over the Internet. It provides instant and precise communication for printers and their customers to identify and resolve document problems as well as an easy and efficient way to deliver them through the Internet. Through combining the connectivity of the Internet with preflighting, MarkzNet gives a receiving party control over quality at the sending end, allowing sub-standard documents to be refused and corrected without wasting time and bandwidth transmitting them.

Digi-Stitch 2000, Océ Printing System USA, Inc. (Boca Raton, FL)
The Digi-Stitch 2000 is part of a complete in-line book finishing system specifically designed to provide an integrated bindery solution for sheets produced on today’s high-speed digital continuous monochrome web presses. It is capable of changing book thicknesses automatically without stopping the upstream printing process. In this way, it provides an on-demand book finishing solution to suit a large range of book run lengths.

ProFire Imaging Technology, Dimension CTP Systems, and Anthem® Thermal Plates, Presstek, Inc. (Hudson, NH)
ProFire thermal imaging enabling DI presses and Presstek’s Dimension Series of CTP systems. The Dimension Series provides the reliability, versatility, speed, and quality that printers require in their CTP investment. Productivity is improved by automating key steps and eliminating many time-consuming prepress procedures; more jobs are completed in the same amount of time. Each of Dimension’s platesetters has an extremely small footprint and is optimized to work with Anthem plates. Anthem offers exceptional print performance and resolutions of 1%–99% at 200 lpi. Anthem is a "drop-in product" with excellent ink/water latitude, compatibility with a wide range of press chemistry, and run lengths up to 100,000 impressions. After imaging, only a simple cleaning with water is required; there is no baking and no chemistry. ProFire, Dimension, and Anthem plates were nominated as separate technologies; however, GATF awarded one InterTech award for all three.

GATF sponsors the award and coordinates the award process but does not select the recipients. InterTech Technology Award recipients are chosen by an anonymous judging committee comprised of industry experts and users who are independent of GATF. Companies are not required to be GATF/PIA members to submit technologies for judging.
The GATF InterTech Technology Awards will be presented at the Industry Awards Gala, Saturday, October 27, 2001 during the GATF/PIA Administrative Meetings at the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL.
Historically, the recipient technologies have indicated significant trends and have predicted major technological impacts on industry production and profitability. As an industry service, GATF will publish and distribute to its members a booklet describing the award-winning technologies, as well as all nominated technologies. Nonmembers can acquire this technology showcase booklet for $10 plus shipping and handling.