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A Passion for Print - Individualized Print

Jul 1, 2013 12:00 AM

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The goal was not to just fix American Printer —it was to rebuild it. “Our plan was to use our experience in advanced, high-speed, high-level personalization techniques to create the world’s first B2Me magazine,” says Andy Plata, Co-CEO of the OutputLinks Communication Group. “We exploited existing technologies where we could. Where we couldn’t, we invested in developing our own.”

From B2B to B2Me

The magazine was rebuilt from its old-style B2B format using a new B2Me platform.  “We felt that the B2B broadcast model needed to be evolved to a new-style B2Me format to enable one-to-one, individualized, narrow-casting” says Andy.

“Inventing our own B2Me term was the best way to highlight the fact that this was something new and unique,” Julie Plata, Co-CEO of the OutputLinks Communication Group, explains. “Our magazine speaks individually to each and every reader with keyless response points to establish two-way dialogs between writers, advertisers and readers at an unprecedented level.”

Experience in Print

Neither sentiment nor nostalgia prompted the Plata’s purchase. “Our move from e-publishing to a printed magazine is not as contrary as it may have looked at first sight,” adds Julie. “Our other companies all promote the latest personalization and cross-media strategies. And we knew from our own past experience in transaction output that personalized documents improve response rates and loyalty.”

Individualization is about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time in the audience’s preferred format. And the Platas felt that for many people, in these days of spam-saturated inboxes, the format of choice is print.

Model for the Future

Andy shares that “Our goal is for American Printer to serve as an example of how print can prosper by integrating web, social media, mobile and database technologies onto the printed page.”