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Specialty Graphics New Products

Sep 1, 2009 12:00 AM

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:Dotrix does it all

Agfa's : Dotrix Modular is an industrial full-color UV inkjet press built for folding carton, flexible, POP and industrial labeling applications. This press can print on a wide variety of common packaging substrates as well as paper, multi-wall, biodegradable plastics, PE, PP, BOPP, PET, and heat- and pressure-sensitive materials. Traditional UV flexo printing stations can be added to serve as coating or varnishing alleys. Slitting and diecutting, as well as sheeter installations, can be added.

:Dotrix Modular offers an economical alternative to traditional offset and analog flexo presses for run lengths over 3,500 sheets and over 50,000 ft. :Dotrix is capable of variable-data printing (versioning) and on-demand, short-run printing. With its high speed (24 m/min.) and 63cm width, :Dotrix enables faster to-market, reduced inventories, optimized supply chains, faster turnaround and zero makeready costs.


Next-generation solvent printer

Epson designed the new Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 64-inch wide roll-to-roll printer to exceed all print quality expectations for solvent printing. With this next-generation printer, Epson has created a new solvent-based ink technology — Epson UltraChrome GS — with less harmful impact on the environment and worker health, while being fully compatible with virtually any solvent-based media. The printer features a hot-swappable, high-capacity ink system and a robust media take-up reel for large runs. This 8-color printer offers up to 1,440 × 1,440-dpi resolution with variable-sized droplets as small as 3.7 picoliters. It produces virtually odorless printing with no special ventilation or air purification systems required. Faster dry time eliminates the need for external dryers. It is compatible with media up to 1.3mm thick.


LED UV and much more

Roland DGA Corp.'s VersaUV LEC-300 30-inch UV inkjet printer/cutter uses safe, low-heat LED lamps. The 30-inch VersaUV prints CMYK + White + Clear on a range of substrates including foils; metallic and synthetic papers; BOPP, PE and PET film. White ink creates flawless graphics and text and also prints as an undercoat to enhance the brightness of 4-color graphics. Clear coat finishes graphics with luxurious textures and effects.

The VersaArt RS series of eco-solvent inkjet printers integrates the latest technologies from Roland's award-winning VersaCAMM and SOLJET PRO III models. Offered in 54 and 64-inch 4-color models, the VersaArt features Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology for exceptional image quality and prints at up to 230 sq. ft./hr. in billboard mode. Built to be energy efficient and low maintenance, the VersaArt is Energy Star certified and carries Roland's new Eco-Label.

At SGIA, Roland will introduce the SOLJET PRO III XJ series of wide-format eco-solvent inkjet printers. Offered in 54, 64 and 74-inch models, the XJ produces 6-color digital printing. Numerous upgrades enable it to produce outdoor banners, signs, vehicle graphics and more. In addition to a maximum print speed of 458 sq. ft./hr., the XJ offers print resolution up to 1,440 × 1,440 dpi for photorealistic CMYK+LcLm graphics. An integrated tri-heating system, optional dryer/blower unit, and advanced media feed and automatic take-up system support the demands of high-volume shops.

Roland also will introduce the AdvancedJET AJ-740 74-inch industrial inkjet printer. With a maximum print speed of 872 sq.ft./hr. and a precision print mode of 473 sq.ft./hr., the AJ-740 brings grand-format performance to wide-format digital printing. The AJ-740 is suited to high-volume applications including banners, billboards, outdoor signage and other durable graphics, producing 6-color (CMYK+LcLm) graphics on coated and uncoated media. AJ-740 graphics reflect superior ink bonding, and scratch and alcohol resistance for outdoor durability. The AJ-740 features an optional Mesh Printing Unit supporting lightweight, unlined mesh. For grand-format applications, Roland offers the 104-inch AdvancedJET AJ-1000.


Latex, high color fidelity and more

HP's groundbreaking Designjet L65500, the world's first latex-based print solution, can produce a wide range of applications with high image quality and productivity while reducing environmental impact.

The HP Scitex FB6100 prints photorealistic 1,270 × 800-dpi, 8-color images for up-close viewing and 4-color for outdoor applications. It offers super-fast printing at up to 100 sq. m/hr (1,070 sq. ft./hr) and outstanding application versatility, printing on rigid and flexible media including glass, wood, metals, foam board, PVC, corrugated plastic and MDO/MDF up to 50 mm (2 in.) thick, as well as roll-fed media such as vinyl, paper and banner materials. With the HP Scitex FB6100's standard White Ink Kit, users can achieve high color fidelity on transparent or colored media.

For those interested in printers with professional photo printing capabilities, the 12-ink HP Designjet Z3200 delivers long-lasting gallery-quality prints in monochrome and color, and features an embedded spectrophotometer which enables easy calibration and profiling.

Additionally, HP SmartStream workflow solutions, such as HP SmartStream Director, provide a suite of tools that enable users to manage jobs efficiently from online submission through print to fulfillment. High-performance variable-data printing is offered by the built-in HP SmartStream Designer with new high-end image processing and performance capabilities.


UV developments

The new VUTEk GS3200 flatbed and roll-to-roll UV printer delivers photorealistic quality and high production, offering a wider range of applications for exhibition graphics, fine art, photographic reproduction and point-of-purchase displays. It offers 1,000-dpi quality and 12-picoliter droplet technology, as well as three-layer capabilities for high-impact graphics. It produces up to 2,400 sq. ft./hr. (223 sq. m/hr.) with continuous board-to-board, board-to-sheet and roll-to-roll printing capabilities. The GS3200 delivers versatility with 8-color, white, Fast-5, roll-to-roll, rigid substrate and dual roll capabilities into one printer. It also prints dual rolls up to 60 in. (152.4 cm) wide simultaneously. Changeover reportedly takes less than a minute.

The VUTEk GS5000r roll-to-roll UV printer combines point-of-purchase quality with billboard production level speeds. The printer produces up to 3,100 sq. ft./hr. (288 sq. m/hr.) and comes with cradle style winders to make it easy to load and unload for quick job turnover. It features 8-color output and dual resolution of true 600 (24 pL) or 1,000 (12 pL) dpi, as well as flexible inks that increase the application capabilities and produce consistent images on an expanded substrate range.

The VUTEk QS3220 UV-curing printer combines high-definition print capability with high production speeds and increased media options. It is designed specifically for print shops with tight deadlines and customers who demand the highest image quality. It offers resolution up to 1,080 dpi, 4- or 6-color imaging and a special seventh channel with white ink. The QS3220 offers increased vacuum capabilities and new input/output tables, which allow for printing on a wider range of rigid and flexible substrates and enables businesses to sell more prints up to 900 sq. ft./hr. (84 sq. m/hr.) or 22 4 × 8-ft. sheets per hour on substrates up to 2 inches thick and 126.5 in. (3.2 m) wide.

The Rastek T1000 UV flatbed from EFI delivers best-in-class image quality and best-in class price performance. It delivers four color plus white high quality and sharp text, photographic image quality, true gray scale print heads and versatile media handling up to 600 sq. ft./hr.

The Rastek H650 UV hybrid flatbed from EFI handles a wide range of flexible and rigid media with a specialized vacuum belt media transport system. It produces 4-color plus white, and its grayscale print heads utilize seven drop sizes ranging from 6-picoliter drops for fine detail to 42-picoliter drops.


Hybrid flexibility

Mimaki's new UJV-160 UV LED hybrid printer offers roll-to-roll or rigid printing capabilities with a standard table attachment that converts it to handle rigid media up to 10 mm thick. Eco-compliant, UV LED curing technology does not emit ultraviolet waves that generate ozone. The cool, instantaneous drying of Mimaki's flexible inks enables problem-free printing on PVC and other heat-sensitive materials.

The JV33-260 grand-format printer has all the enhanced features of Mimaki's JV33 solvent inkjet printer but now comes in a 104-inch grand format size. The affordable JV33-260 features an automatic media feeding and take-up device that stabilizes heavy media tension. It is capable of printing both sides of the media for brighter, more vivid images. The grand-format printer also features Mimaki's Uninterrupted Ink Supply System and can be outfitted with Mimaki's optional bulk ink system.


Continuous UV flatbed

Durst's new Rho 800 HS (High Speed) continuous industrial UV flatbed printer now provides even faster print output, reportedly increasing production by 80%. Other developments include Quadro Array technology to combine high speed with fine print quality. The Rho 800 HS has 2,048 nozzles per color and outputs 216 boards per hour (4 × 2.6 ft.). It has a mechanism for continuous feeding, and a mechanical front stop allows parallel printing of boards.

Durst recently demonstrated its new super-wide, ultra high-speed roll-to-roll printer, the Durst Rho 500R, at FESPA Digital. The new 5m roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer combines an output of 400 square meters with 600-dpi, 6-color print quality, thanks to further enhancement of the Durst Quadro 30D Array technology. The Rho 500R is designed for printing a wide variety of large-format display items such as 5m wide vinyl banners and mesh. It will print three 1.6m rolls together, for example, of textile for banners or self-adhesive polyester film for backlit application. While built-in sensors and a specially designed media transport system allow for problem-free unattended printing, the extremely low production costs and low ink consumption, thanks to its intelligent dither technology, make the Rho 500R economical. The completely VOC-free UV Rho Roll Ink, accredited with the Nordic Swan certification, meets the most stringent environmental requirements.


Say goodbye to banding

Mutoh's ValueJet 2606 is an outdoor commercial grade printer starting at $46,995. It comes with a 220-lb. take-up system included, and prints 6 colors at up to 185 sq. ft./hr. in production mode. The Value Jet encompasses Mutoh's newly introduced I2: Intelligent Interweaving Printing Technique, which virtually eliminates vertical and horizontal banding and allows for more latitude in profile settings.