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Spring 2014: NextGen - Young Leaders

Insight in to how young people in printing programs are being trained.


Since 1997, the Electronic Document Foundation (EDSF) has awarded 503 scholarships in countries including Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, Dubai, Iceland, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. For this edition, we asked some EDSF scholarship recipients—five current students as well as one recent graduate—to provide their peers with some practical tips.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions or do research on topics that interest you. Passion is often the key to getting the internship you want. If you are genuinely excited about your course of study and show that you're more than willing to do what it takes to succeed, employers will notice.

Derek Lee
University of Washington
2013–2014 EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship Recipient

Use your college resources and network. Be tenacious on the job, and ask questions.

Trevor Burns
Cornell University
OutputLinks Communications Group Sponsors Scholarship Recipient

Make a spreadsheet of all the companies that interest you and record the date of contact as well as their response. I made approximately three calls every day. Follow up on leads. This means sending an email and calling those who have already been in touch with you. Persistence pays off!

Tabea Lemcke
Ryerson University
2013–2014 Joel Cartun Scholarship and EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship Recipient
2012–2013 OutputLinks Communications Group Sustainability/Stewardship Award and EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship Recipient


Download Adobe’s Creative Suite NOW. You can get a free 30-day trial, and there are countless tutorials and books online. The more you learn now, the better off you will be when starting your college career.

Taylor Deppisch
Texas State University
2013–2014 EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship Recipient

Employers increasingly want designers who can think critically, view a project from a global worldview, and collaborate on interdisciplinary teams. Ace your studio art classes, but also prioritize studying abroad and writing a killer term paper for your philosophy class.

Elizabeth Gin
Community Media Designer, rootIO

So much is printed, designed, and created, all under the discipline of graphic arts. There are so many different career paths in this industry. You can't go wrong choosing graphic arts as your major.

Kathryn Cassidy
California Polytechnic State University
2013–2014 EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship recipient


Attend any and all career center activities on your campus. Making yourself well known, seizing practice interview opportunities, and seeking the advice of career counselors can lead you to that perfect next step after graduation. Always follow up and follow through, even on the smallest assignment. Never be afraid to learn or try something new. While in college, it is inexcusable to not pursue new learning opportunities, because they are often free and placed right in front of you. Once you start your first job, find ways to maintain your vigor. I dare you to continually pursue the new and unimaginable!

Elizabeth Gin

Art Center College of Design, MFA, 2013
2012 OutputLinks Communications Group Women of Distinction Scholarship Recipient
Community Media Designer, rootIO


Looking for sharp new talent? Don’t miss the 2014 Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation’s (EDSF) annual gala event at Graph Expo this fall. “We’re building the next generation of digital content and delivery professionals,” says Brenda Kai, Executive Director of EDSF. “Granting scholarships is just part of this mission. We’re fostering education, promoting research, recognizing leaders, encouraging innovation and garnering and disseminating knowledge. Our programs are designed to attract the best and brightest—this is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for our talented young people.”

Key for more information on EDSF’s intern program or 2014 gala.

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