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Spring 2014: ExpoNewZ Spotlights Graphics of the Americas 2014 By Aaron Kiel

By Aaron Kiel

Graphics of the Americas (GOA), hosted annually by the Printing Association of Florida, is a vibrant showing of innovative printing technologies and related solutions, attracting a diverse audience from North American, Latin America and beyond.

The most recent GOA was held February 27–March 1 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida, and conference organizers reported that exhibit space and attendance grew by 23% and 14%, respectively, over 2013 figures. 

Some 8,300 people from 70 countries attended GOA, and 43% of attendees were international, bolstering the show as a key worldwide industry event.

George Ryan, GOA President, said, “Numerous accolades from exhibitors and attendees continue to come in, describing GOA 2014 once again as a ‘buying show’ and a great way to start off the year in an improving economy.”

The OutputLinks Communications Group (OLCGroup), publisher ofAmerican Printer, was at the show and produced GOA’s official conference newspaper—before, during and after the event—through its ExpoNewZ division.

ExpoNewZ sent Dennis Mason, of Mason Consulting, onto the exposition floor to get a sense of what attendees and exhibitors were saying about the show.

Mason spoke to Steven Dick, general manager of Box King in Springfield, Ohio, who said, “At Box King, we recently added printing capability to our previous package shipping business. Everything I know about printing is self-taught, so I saw Graphics of the Americas as an opportunity to learn more about the field from the experts. I signed up for nine seminars and have yet to spend much time on the show floor. The GOA Total Access pass, which let me go to all seminars, looked to me like a tremendous value. Some of the sessions are better than others, but I am going back to Ohio with lots of new ideas.”

According to Mason’s ExpoNewZ interviews, Judy Paulsen and Jim Paulsen, owners of Paulsen Printing Company in Memphis, Tennessee, visited GOA to attend a sales seminar about consultative selling. “After 35 years in the printing business, we are still trying to learn,” noted Judy. “We have both digital and conventional printing, so we are trying to expand our business across all fronts. We found the seminar presentation we attended very uplifting, and we think it will help us get to decision-makers among our customers. At Graphics of the Americas, we want to learn how to avoid the cost-driven sale and how to ask customers what they need long before the sales specification is written.”

Mason also chatted with Richard Egert, General Manager of the OKI Data Americas Strategic Technology Provider Business Group, who noted, “We especially like the fact that the show attracts a wide variety of creatives and specialty printing customers. At one time, we were concerned that Graphics of the Americas was dominated by used equipment dealers, and we are pleased to see a movement back toward new equipment this year.”

Game Changers at GOA
Graphics of the Americas also launched its first ever “Game Changer” showcase, which honored manufacturers and developers building solutions that will have a “lasting and positive effect” on the industry. The following solutions were given the special distinction and recognition in ExpoNewZ:

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