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We could all use some good news-and these printers' recent investments are encouraging. From books, direct mail to newspapers and good old general commercial printing, here are some interesting installations.  

Worzalla's sheetfed pressroom is all manroland. The 100-year-old printer's new manroland web press is slated to be operational in August 2012.

Book printer Worzalla is adding a manroland Lithoman five-color web press. "We've successfully expanded into several niche markets," says Jim Fetherston, President and CEO. "After experiencing increased volume over the past year it was clear we needed additional capacity. The press is one of several major equipment acquisitions…Growing volume is a great problem to have." The Wisconsin printer also added digital short-run printing and binding capabilities as well as an additional casemaker.

Intelligencer Printing Co. (Lancaster, PA) is among the first printers in the US to add hybrid printing capabilities via a Kodak Prosper S10 Imprinting System. The configuration combines the speed and economies of web offset with high quality personalization.

"Our clients told us they wanted fast, efficient personalization capabilities for their direct mail campaigns," says Garry Richwine, Plant Manager of Intelligencer Printing. "We found Kodak offers what no other solution can: 'near' laser quality imaging on gloss coated paper at web press speeds. This is a significant capital expenditure at a time when many companies are pulling back."

CPI Card Group (Roseville, MN) recently installed a KBA Rapida 105 41-inch seven-color UV-equipped sheetfed press with tower coater with an eight-foot extended delivery and plastics package.

"For the past year, management at CPI Card Group has seen a dramatic increase in our order intake and the need to fulfill press orders with additional capacity," says Paul Boge, general manager of the U.S. prepaid debit market for CPI Card Group. "We're also seeking to increase more capabilities in-house, such as lenticular, to add to our services."

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    Print Industry Search EngineEnhanced by Outputlinks
    1800+ Print Sites
    Print Industry Search EngineEnhanced by Outputlinks
    1800+ Print Sites

    Channels Served

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