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Not while I'm around

May 1, 2011 12:00 AM

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In 1976, schoolyards were abuzz with the latest achievement in gum technology: Bubble Yum. Unlike established brands such as Bazooka or Double Bubble, Bubble Yum wasn't rock hard.

But then dark rumors began to circulate. Evil whispers swirled around the playground about a secret ingredient that was responsible for the gum's pillowy texture. Soon kids everywhere knew about it. According to those who knew somebody who knew somebody, Bubble Yum was made of spiders' eggs.

Some public relations experts counseled the candy vendor to ignore the rumors in favor of playing up the benefits of the product. Instead, the manufacturer responded with full-page ads in 50 newspapers. “Somebody is telling very bad lies about a very good product,” declared the headlines.

So it goes with AMERICAN PRINTER. I'd like to set a few things straight. Print is not dead. AMERICAN PRINTER is not dead. And for darn sure I am not dead.

AMERICAN PRINTER is moving forward under new leadership. Wayne Madden is the group publisher for AMERICAN PRINTER and our sister franchise PFFC. Veterans Dave Fay, Tim Janes and John Clemens comprise our sales team.

Wayne launched his career as an IT programmer and consultant — he has written three books about AS/400 security. In 1988, he won a trade publication's reader contest and became a full-time writer. Seven years and hundreds of articles later, he was named the publisher and editor-in-chief of System iNEWS. In 1997, Wayne became the group publisher, a responsibility he retains to this day. Wayne was promoted to market leader for Penton Media's Digital Media & Communications market in 2009.

Never have the words of the late Sal Marino, Penton's former chairman and CEO, seemed more prescient: “Our business requires publishers with the vision to see what others can't, the courage to risk when others won't and the intelligence to grasp new concepts when others are grasping at straws.”

Wayne brings a wealth of enthusiasm, experience and fresh ideas to AMERICAN PRINTER. And we can assure you he isn't made of spiders' eggs.

Katherine O'Brien, editor in chief

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