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Sustainability products & news

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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VOC-free pressroom products

Huber GmbH (Troisdorf, Germany) offers fountain solution additives, washers, cleaners and pressroom chemicals for printers of all sizes. Its B-Matic Wash 100 is VOC-free and certified for use with automatic blanket and roller cleaning systems on Heidelberg, MAN Roland and KBA presses. See
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Day Intl. opens pressroom chemistry center

Day Intl. (Dayton, OH), a Flint Group Co., recently opened a Center for Technology and Operations Excellence in Batavia, IL. The facility provides a centralized location for Day's North American pressroom chemical technology and manufacturing operations.

“The new center will enhance our pressroom chemical manufacturing capabilities and allow us to better leverage our strong R&D competency,” says Dennis Wolters, president and CEO of Day Intl. “Consolidating our R&D and manufacturing operations into a single facility will enable us to further standardize our processes and reduce redundancy.”

The new facility also will be used for training Day's customers and field support team.

Fountain solution for web offset

Prisco (Printer's Service) (Newark, NJ) has released new Webfount fountain concentrates for heatset and coldset web applications. These low-VOC fountain solutions have been formulated to increase press-operating latitude with today's paper stocks and ink formulations. Reported benefits include faster start-ups, faster makeready times and less paper waste. The product range includes Webfount 225N, Webfount 325N, Webfount 525N and Webfount 625N.

Prisco also has introduced a “Go Green” initiative. Strategies might include changes to work procedures, improved chemical management technology, changes to products utilized, upgrades to or replacement of equipment, integration of recycling programs, and reduction of overall chemistry consumption.
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Clean blankets with less time and solvent

Baldwin Technology (Shelton, CT) PREPAC cloth-roll cleaning technology efficiently removes ink and paper residue from blankets while dramatically reducing solvent usage. A kit from non-OEM distributor Prisco reportedly enables users to convert presses to the PREPAC system in a few hours.

Baldwin also offers IMPACT and IMPACT flex automatic blanket cleaning systems for sheetfed and web presses, and automatic impression cylinder cleaning systems for sheetfed equipment. See
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VOC-free pressroom products

Fujifilm Graphic Systems' (Valhalla, NY) Fuji Hunt division presents Ecolity 150 VOC-free fountain solution. The one-step product is designed to run on non-integrated dampening systems like those on Komori presses. Fujifilm also offers Toyo Ink's solvent-free HyPlus 100 inks. The HyPlus inks have no petroleum solvents and contain 100 percent solids. The vendor has a variety of 50 percent water-mixable washes as well as fountain solution and solvent recycling systems. See
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Fountain solution recirculating

FloClear (Plano, TX) has released its second-generation system, the FloClear G2. The system incorporates an electronic controller that adds functionality and versatility. The controller monitors run time, filter backpressure, filter changes, and system and pump pressure. A splitter option also is available to serve two independent chiller/recirculators at the same time.
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Recirculating fountain solution

Procam Controls (Plano, TX) recently introduced the Fount-N-Kleer XL filtration system. It features patented side-stream filtration technology said to provide a higher level of filtration for individual recirculation units such as the Royse SpaceSaver 5 & 10. The compact unit uses a high-pressure, high-flow pump that recirculates the fountain solution through the two stages of filtration, independent of the circulator pumps.
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Extend fountain solution life

Maratek Environmental's (Bolton, Ontario) Solvent Saver System uses a multistage distillation process to automatically separate clean water and solvent. A blending system then combines the distilled solvent with water and additives. The blended product can be used instead of fresh chemistry, and the distilled water can be discharged or reused on press.
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Green pressroom specialty chemicals

Sun Chemical's (Northlake, IL) Rycolline portfolio of products includes pressroom supplies and specialty chemicals designed to reduce VOCs. Rycoline's Green Diamond Universal Fount eliminates the need for a 100 percent VOC alcohol replacement in the printing process, reducing VOCs by about three tons annually in an average sheetfed pressroom. The Rycoline line of blanket and roller wash products comes in reusable containers, eliminating the need to dispose of metal drums. Their cleaning properties reduce VOCs by as much as six tons annually in a typical printing operation. Rycoline Diamond Coat aqueous coatings are available in 275-gallon reusable totes that eliminate the disposal of nearly 200 fiber drums each year.
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Fountain solution's impact on runnability and print quality

PIA/GATF's Mark Bohan and Greg Radencic recently teamed with a multivendor consortium to research fountain solution's effect on runnability and print quality. More than 45 print runs were conducted on PIA/GATF's heatset web offset press.

According to the researchers, the impetus for the project was a move toward higher pH levels in the North American web offset market as well as additives that boost a fountain solution's corrosion resistance. Bohan and Radencic studied new formulations impact on press start-up, press run stability and other consumables.

Two vendors supplied four fountain solutions: two standard products as well as two with corrosive resistant properties. Three paper vendors each supplied one substrate ranging from a heavyweight coated to a lightweight coated and even an uncoated stock. A plate vendor supplied two plates with different water-carrying characteristics; two ink vendors supplied two inks with slightly different strengths and rheologies.

According to Bohan and Radencic, “The findings of this study showed that ‘corrosive resistant’ fountain solutions are an acceptable product for the U.S. heatset printing market. These fountain solutions have been shown to produce very little or no piling and dampening system feedback, and excellent runnability and print quality when combined with proper dampening rollers, plates, paper and ink.”

Vendors participating in the study included Flint Group, Graphic Rollers, Kodak, NewPage, Prisco, Rotadyne, Rycoline, Stora Enso, Sun Chemical and UPM-Kymmene.
For the complete report, see

Color control

Concept 21 fountain solution system from RBP Chemical (Milwaukee) eliminates variation in the chemistry's performance on press while providing the means to adjust chemistry as changes occur. Concept 21 manages print characteristics on press by controlling the ink/water balance, allowing the press operator to compensate for changes before and during the press run.

Users can precisely meter and blend unique and specific fountain solution formulations for each different situation that might be encountered. The balance can be changed on press by making a few simple adjustments, rather than by bringing in a new drum or tote of chemicals. Printers who use different solutions from several suppliers can replicate their preferred mixtures using just the two basic components and the Concept 21 device.

Once the proper formulation is determined, it is dialed into the press and inadvertent changes to the balance cannot occur. The formulation can be adjusted to meet the needs of different presses or different print jobs. Tests indicate that fountain solutions from the RBP Concept 21 system typically contain a minimum 30 percent fewer VOCs than those made using ordinary solution concentrates, making them more environmentally friendly.
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KBA teams with Vegra on consumables

Earlier this year, KBA North America (Williston, VT) announced an exclusive U.S. and Canada distributorship with Vegra (Aschau am Inn, Germany). Vegra specializes in developing high-quality and environmen-tally friendly products for the graphic arts industry.

The new consumables line, which can be ordered online via, includes fountain solutions, coatings, washes and varnishes designed to work with all printing press models, regardless of manufacturer.

Products include a variety of ink additives to help remedy ink accumulation, adjust consistency and improve drying with good rub resistance. Maintenance products include a cylinder preservant to protect plate, blanket and back pressure cylinders from corrosion and a fully synthetic corrosion inhibiting oil for felt ring lubrication. Also, there are washes for use in automatic washing systems for cleaning blankets and rollers of conventional and energy-curable inks. Rounding out the line is a full range of special effect varnishes and coatings.
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Solvent recycling

MAN Roland's (Westmont, IL) Solvent Recyclers from its printservices division reportedly reduce solvent consumption costs up to 90 percent, while virtually eliminating the need for solvent disposal.

In operation, the Solvent Recyclers clean used blanket and cylinder wash-up fluids for safe and cost-effective reuse. An off-press, self-contained process, solvent recycling separates spent wash-up fluid into its component parts: solvents that can be put back to work on press, distilled water that can be safely drained, and waste debris that requires no special disposal process.

The MAN Roland Solvent Recycler automates the recovery process. Press crews switch out drums of dirty solvent for containers of recovered solvent, and occasionally remove solids from the device.

A microprocessor controls the simple process, so no monitoring is required. Used solvent is transferred to a distillation tank where it is heated. The solvent vaporizes, leaving residue behind. A condenser cools the vapor back into a liquid, a separator removes and drains excess water, and the recovered solvent flows into a clean drum for reuse.

MAN Roland printservices offers a free guide to solvent recycling, which can be downloaded as a PDF at
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Grafix acquires chiller/fountain solution company

Grafix GmbH has acquired ConTemp GmbH, a manufacturer of chilling and fountain solution systems for sheetfed offset presses. Grafix offers anti-offset spraying systems, including powder extraction and UV, IR and hot air drying systems. “The acquisition of ConTemp strengthens Grafix as a whole provider for the printing industry.” says Hans-Georg Platsch, CEO, Grafix.

Grafix LP (Burr Ridge, IL) is part of the large Grafix worldwide service network and offers 24/7 service for the United States and bordering countries. See
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Filtration/dampening systems for presses big and small

At Graph Expo, technotrans (Mt. Prospect, IL) introduced the alpha.d dampening solution circulator, the improved beta.f fine filtration as well as the alpha.f dampening solution filtration system for small-format printing presses.

Targeting small to midsize printing presses, the alpha.d dampening solution circulator's new cabinet design offers improved ergonomics.

A variety of configuration options, such as different alcohol control units, automatic additive dosing, and pH-value and conductivity measurement let users tailor the system for their printing presses.

Based on a two-step filtration method, both alpha.f and beta.f ensure clean and decontaminated dampening solution from the tank to the trays of the printing units. Both systems are easy to retrofit to existing dampening solution circulation systems.
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Automatic fountain solution dilution

Nalco Co.'s (Naperville, IL) Dr. Martin. R. Godfrey has prepared three studies examining the use of an automated fountain solution dilution system based on the vendor's TRASAR technology. TRASAR employs an inert fluorescent tracer molecule that is added to the fountain solution concentrate by the manufacturer. The tracer can be continuously detected with high accuracy at a very low concentration using an instrument called a fluorometer.

The fluorometer is used to automatically adjust the fountain solution concentration in a central reservoir to maintain a user-defined setpoint. Users can be confident that the fountain solution concentration remains constant while they adjust other parameters to solve print quality problems or vary the fountain solution concentration to meet the needs of specific jobs. Significant savings in chemical usage reportedly have been demonstrated.
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Roller and blanket cleaner, and sheetfed fountain solution

Day Intl. (Dayton, OH) offers Varn Response 4420, an environmental wash that supports your need to lower VOC emissions. The wash removes stubborn ink and gum glaze in one step. It is said to be ideal for automatic washers and serious VOC restrictions.

Day also offers Supreme Fount 7086, a one-step fountain solution concentrate with improved wetting and ink compatibility. Users can run presses at lower water speeds to keep ink densities more stable. It reportedly offers faster clean-ups and restarts with no sensitivity issues and holds pH levels steady for fountain solution longevity and fewer drying problems.
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