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Mail that speaks

Nov 1, 2009 12:00 AM

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San Diego-based Specialist Printing & Direct Mail is taking direct mail to the next level with the Xerox (Rochester, NY) iGen4 digital press producing personalized newsletters, postcards and financial documents that include customized names and information based on buying habits and preferences.

“A company's direct mail needs to be recognized in the mailbox; the pieces have to be eye catching and relevant to stay out of the trash,” says Jay Pardo, vice president, Specialist Printing & Direct Mail. “Personalization increases response by targeting a consumer's buying patterns and interests. Digital printing can make their mail speak to them.”

Specialist Printing & Direct Mail uses a web-to-print workflow that automates the print process. Customers submit, customize and proof print jobs online, and their work is produced within 24 hours.

“We encourage as much personalization as our clients' customer data will allow. If they can add referral information, or detail on recent home sales in the neighborhood, it makes for a much more powerful piece,” says Pardo.

Specialist Printing & Direct Mail cites two significant reasons for purchasing the iGen4 press — image quality and automated processes. According to Pardo, customers immediately noticed the image quality, which he says is smoother than other digital systems and similar to offset prints. Several components of the iGen4 press, including auto density control and advanced color profiling, automatically ensure streak-free pages and color consistency from job-to-job.