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Feb 5, 2010 12:00 AM

         Subscribe in NewsGator Online   Subscribe in Bloglines (Prince Frederick, MD) announces GeoSoftworks, LLC, a firm in which principals are the majority owners, has received a patent on its GeoSelector technology. GeoSelector is a system and methodology for generating user-specified information from a map. It marries Google mapping technology with a high-end geo-coding program and then links this output to over 200 million consumer records, offering virtually every type of organization opportunities to use data in new ways.  

In its simplest form, localized list-building, users enter a street address or Zip code and select either a map or satellite view of the location. GeoSelector then allows users to experiment with different radius overlays—or draw virtually any geometric shape on the map alone or in combination with these overlays—to define a precise target area. Once defined, GeoSelector compiles: an instant count of the number of names and addresses within the specified area; and a demographic report profiling residents in terms of 400 characteristics such as age, income and housing.

GeoSelector allows users to eliminate locations within an area that fail to meet target criteria and identify geographical obstacles that might impact consumer purchasing or business placement decisions.

A more sophisticated GeoSelector use involves uploading an organization’s existing databases, plotting their locations on the map and identifying the precise demographics of current donors/prospects/customers, whether on the neighborhood, city, state or national level.