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Neatly folded

Nov 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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Integrated creasing and folding for digital printers

Morgana Systems' (Marietta, GA) DigiFold reportedly is the world's first integrated creaser and folder, combining Morgana's blade and matrix creasing technology with a new folding method that will not mark or scratch sensitive materials. It can work in two ways: as a single-pass, integrated creaser/folder or as a stand-alone creaser.

Rather than buckle plates or conventional knives, the folding system uses an electronically controlled “flying knife” contoured around the extra-large diameter rollers, which moves at the same speed as the material passing through the machine. It also uses a sheet deflector that only comes in contact with the leading edge of the sheet. See
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New addition

One of three new additions to MBM Corp.'s (Charleston, SC) line of tabletop folders is the 307A. This automatic folder comes preprogrammed with six standard folds and stores up to 18 custom folds in memory. With the touch of a button, the 307A automatically sets up and is ready to run. The LED control panel features a four-digit counter with batch and total functions, while special sensors recognize and display the paper size when the paper is loaded. An extended exit tray allows neat stacking of folded sheets. In addition to being a fast tabletop folding option at 11,520 sph, fully enclosed fold tables also make it a quiet one. See
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Print, fold and more

Pitney Bowes' (Stamford, CT) DI 950 document printing solution provides security and process integrity within the reach of midsize mailers. With integrated printing, the DI 950 can help optimize the mailstream by creating, folding, formatting, printing, inserting and metering in one solution. See
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A number of options

Baum (Sidney, OH) offers tabletop folders with either manual or automated setup, friction or air feed and numerous optional enhancements to increase productivity and profitability. The Baum Ultrafold 714XLT air feed tabletop folder can handle coated stocks as well as high-speed copier and laser-printed stocks at over 35,000 sph. The XLT features an extra-long feed table to accommodate larger sheets up to 14 × 20 inches, and an extended-length delivery stacker for 30 percent more collection capacity.

The Baum 714XLT “Flow-Thru” right angle unit is the perfect companion to the Baum 714XLT Ultrafold. It can be configured for either right-angle folding or in tandem for multiple parallel folds and features an “up and down” folding position capability. Easy-access slitter shafts allow changing attachments without removing the shafts. Other optional enhancements include the Ultrascore perf-score attachment, microperf, sound covers, dust cover, counter, static reducer and more.

Baum also has automated-setup tabletop folding equipment including the Baum Flexifold modular folder with right angle and deep pile feeder options, and the Baum B12 AutoBaum. See
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Suction-feed folding

Standard Finishing's (Andover, MA) Standard Horizon PF-P330 automated folder combines mark-free suction feeding in a tabletop unit and features push-button setup on four standard paper sizes — including 11 × 17 inches — for six popular fold patterns. It is capable of folding up to 14,400 sph. It's ease of use and quiet operation make it a good fit for any office or print environment that is folding a variety of stocks that are printed both by traditional offset and digital printers. Users can define up to 10 customized fold patterns. Features include an “easy-set” stacking conveyor, built-in batch counting and programming functions, an intermittent feed mode, one-touch air volume control, toolless fold roller cleaning and a quiet suction/blower system. See
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Floor-model features in a tabletop size

The Medalist 870 folder from Challenge Machinery (Norton Shores, MI) folds up to 30,000 sph and handles stock up to 14 × 20 inches. Features include air separation, vacuum feed, an adjustable metallic sheet separator, a flip-up swing deflector, combination rubber/steel rollers, adjustable roller calipers, a top-mounted control panel with built-in sheet counter, ⅞-inch slitter shafts, delivery area jam detection and a noise hood. See
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High-volume folding

Martin Yale (Wabash, IN) has introduced the Intimus 2051 Smartfold 12 × 18-inch format, fully automatic folding machine. It features variable speed up to 15,000 sph, five programmed paper sizes and seven fold types, a feed tray that handles up to 500 sheets of 8.5 × 11-inch, 20-lb. bond, programming to set 10 custom folds to memory and batch counting. See
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Duplo does folders

The DF-1000 air-suction folder from Duplo (Santa Ana, CA) was designed for color digital printers. It will not mark or scratch the surface of the printed page and minimizes static buildup during the finishing process. Able to handle bond stocks and art/coated paper to a maximum paper weight of 200 gsm, the DF-1000 can fold and batch up to 240 spm, ready for inserting or mailing. Applications include folding direct mail pieces such as brochures, flyers and invitations, as well as official documentation such as invoices and letters.

The DF-920 fully automatic tabletop folder features six preprogrammed folds and a multitude of custom folds for a variety of applications. Sound absorbers inside the machine reduce the amount of sound during operation. The machine offers high-speed folding up to 280 spm.

The patented feed system ensures reliable feeding and accurate folds for a wide range of paper sizes, weights and stocks. No manual adjustments are needed, as the DF-920 automatically recognizes five popular paper sizes: letter, legal, ledger, half-letter and half-legal. When powering back on, the fast set-up mode allows the DF-920 to automatically recall the last job. A four-digit counter can be set to ascend or descend. The batch mode allows the operator to input the exact number of sheets to be folded in each batch. Other features include special “cross folding” for right-angle folds and two programmable memory settings for custom folds. See
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Keeping score

In our September 2007 issue (“Keeping score,” pg. 18), AMERICAN PRINTER highlighted several of Technifold USA's (Montague, NJ) add-on devices that enable inline scoring on folders and scoring equipment, and even perfect binders and saddlestitchers. The Tri-Creaser reportedly delivers letterpress-like scoring, while the Micro Perforator produces die quality microperforations. The Multi Tool's claim to fame is slitting and double-cut trimming, reportedly on par with a guillotine cutter. For those looking to add inline scoring on a saddlestitcher or a perfect binder, Technifold's Spine Creaser is an option. For small shops and digital printers, Technifold recently debuted a tabletop creaser that can be outfitted with the previously described accessories.