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March 2009 Book-on-demand products

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 AM

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Automation speeds throughput

Standard Finishing Systems (Andover, MA) will showcase a broad range of automated postpress, paper handling and inserting solutions at On Demand.

The new Standard Horizon BQ-270C Perfect Binder features an intuitive color touchscreen that prompts the operator for key parameters, and an integrated digital caliper that measures and transfers thickness data to the binder. Fully automated, it can begin setup for the next book while it completes binding the previous book, insuring minimal time loss due to setup for short or even single-edition binding runs.

The Standard Hunkeler CS6-II Rotary Cutter with Chip-Out will be shown as part of a combination solution producing full-bleed trimmed color self mailers and offset stacked book blocks. The UW6 unwinder and high performance CS6-II cutter will be double-cutting sheets from a preprinted roll.

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Cutter built for digital

MBM Corp. (Charleston, SC) announces the addition of the 5222 Digicut to its Triumph cutter line. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, this powerful 20.5-inch cutter features a programmable backgauge module with digital display capable of storing 99 programs (up to 99 steps each) and frequently used measurements. Geared toward digital printing operations, it features a fully adjustable hydraulic clamp, memory for repeat cuts (manual) and a programmable eject function.

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Folder/stitcher combo

MBO America's (Westampton, NJ) DIGI-Finisher is built for nonstop commercial production. Incorporating the Hohner HSB-7000 stitcher with an MBO folder, it is a flexible unit for heavy production of saddlestitched brochures with variable or static data printed digitally or on conventional presses. Features include:

  • Barcode reading for monitoring content (optional).
  • Folding (cross folding and plow folding).
  • Accumulating.
  • Signature feeding (optional).
  • Cover feeding (optional).
  • Barcode reading for cover and signature feeder (optional).
  • Wire stitching.
  • Three-side trimmer with automatic thickness adjustment (5/16 inch max.).
  • Delivery with marking device.

The parallel folding unit MBO TT-530/4 is Navigator controlled by PLC technology and is equipped with an additional plow fold section. The pile feeder to the folder is operated with a Vacustar suction head. In addition, the saddlestitcher can also be used independently for conventional jobs.

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Integrated creaser/folder

Morgana Systems (Marietta, GA) offers the ability to make nine creases on nine sheets in nine seconds on the new DigiFold 5000P. The new model goes further than the original DigiFold in speed and capabilities. Operating at 5,000 creases per hour (8.5 × 11-inch stock), it is almost four times faster than the original. It also takes a larger sheet size, 27.5 × 15 inches, and incorporates perforating as standard, as well as having an increased capacity feeder.

Morgana's newly patented creasing method, DynaCrease, creases sheets without stopping and while maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.003 inch. Five perforating wheels can be used across the sheet and the new feeding mechanism means that much higher piles can be loaded to match the increased productivity of the unit. It can be used as an integrated creaser/folder working with stocks up to 150-lb. cover; as a standalone creaser; or as a perforator when neither creasing nor folding are required. It is JDF ready.

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Tougher toner-based books

C.P. Bourg's (New Bedford, MA) BB3002 PUR binder incorporates Nordson PUR applicator and melter technology. The line has been designed to resolve book strength issues caused by limited EVA glue adherence on digital color printed media. Its three-cylinder glue tank equipped with a side-gluing device and its scoring unit reportedly enable it to produce winged books of durable professional quality.

Touted as the most efficient perfect binder available in the industry for cutsheet and signatures, the Bourg Binder BB3002 features full automation and touchscreen controls, as well as toolless operator adjustments.

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Automatic punch

Spiel Associates (Long Island City, NY) offers the Sterling Digibinder for on-demand perfect binding. A new machine, the Sterling Digipunch, features a variable pile lift, which allows for punching up to 60,000 sph. The touchscreen control offers automatic setup and changeovers. Punch sheets from 5.5 × 5.5 to 12 × 13 inches for comb, coil and double-loop wire books, or any hole pattern.

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PUR perfect

Duplo (Santa Ana, CA) has added a PUR version to its fully automatic, single-clamp DPB-500 Perfect Binder, making it efficient for binding books printed on digital and coated stocks. The polyurethane reactive (PUR) glue provides a high pull-strength ensuring that each page is firmly bound and can be opened flat without any risk of pages becoming detached. In addition, its closed tank system does not require draining after each session.

Just like the standard DPB-500, it can produce up to 525 perfect bound books an hour and can handle a wide range of stock with a maximum booklet size of 360 × 320mm (minimum size of 120 × 120mm) with a cover sheet size range from 120 × 250mm to 360 × 696mm.

With its solid cast iron frame and powerful hydraulics, Duplo's 660P Hydraulic Cutter is built to meet rigorous workflow demands. High-performance, precision cutting is guaranteed for documents printed on a wide array of paper stocks and weights. The automated system allows for pinpoint cutting precision and less operator handling. The easy-to-use digital display guides programming operations and cutting positions, allowing for job memory storage of up to 72 cut locations and 9 job selections.

An eye-level readout shows paper position in inches or millimeters on a large digital display. Additional features include an illuminated optical cutting line; a foot-powered clamp for cutting difficult stock; false clamp plates to protect sensitive stock; and a special “anti-friction surface.” The 660P accommodates cuts 26.5 inches wide and paper heights up to 3.93 inches.

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Quick books

Colter & Peterson's (Paterson, NJ) Prism PC series of 21.5-inch to 32-inch cutters feature fully hydraulic operation. Designed for the digital on-demand and variable print market, this new line debuted at Graph Expo 08. According to Bruce Peterson, president and CEO, it's a less expensive alternative to standard Prism cutters with gear-driven knives, yet it provides reliability, safety and time savings. The Prism PC series also features Microcut computer controls. Microcut, which won a GATF Intertech Award in 2006, can network multiple cutters and network the cutters to prepress.

The QuickTrim, designed for on-demand and variable perfect bound book production, features a digital PLC computer setup with touchscreen controls. It is servo-driven and runs at up to 720 cph.

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