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Cut to the chase

May 1, 2008 12:00 AM

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Heidelberg (Kennesaw, GA) distributes Polar equipment in the United States. Polar, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006, will be in Heidelberg's booth, showcasing solutions for cutting and trimming, automation, label production and networking. Several new introductions target larger sheet sizes, such as those produced on Heidelberg's new XL 145 (41.73 × 57.09 in.) and XL 162 (47.24 × 63.78 in.). In addition to Polar 155-176 and 185 cutters, the vendor will unveil new stack lifts, joggers and Transomat loaders and unloaders.

Look for the Polar 66's new design and, on the Polar 66-76, a cutting stick ejector for quicker changes when installing new knives. The “OptiKnifePlus” optional hand tool for the Polar 78-176 lets operators loosen and tighten knife bolts quickly — it resembles a modified power drill. An electronic handwheel and increased reverse speed on the Polar 78-92 backgauge reduces loading time, especially for Polar Automation for Cutting Efficiency (PACE) systems. An extended machine table on the Polar 176 facilitates processing large-format sheets. Additional options, also targeting large-format users, include a tilt table and lateral aligning backgauge. Larger press formats also prompted a revised PACE Autojog XT.

Visitors will see the Polar 115's twin clamp easily cut wavy materials such as bank notes. For cutting self-adhesive labels, Polar will show its AntiStick Knife, a carbide tipped knife with special surface coating. An air knife option for the Polar 115/155 prevents static charged plastic foils from sticking to the knife surface.

Under its “Ideas for Automation,” Polar will will showcase Polar Automation for Cutting Efficiency (PACE) configurations. Highlights include an automated jogging system, AJ-T, for the automatic preparation of cutting material; L-R-137-T PACE for fully automated cutting; andL-R-176-T PACE for fully automatic all-around cutting and unloading in large format.

Ethernet networking software, P-Net, operates as an interface between prepress, order preparation and production. It organizes and manages the data flow between all Polar components.

Combi folder with automatic cross-fold

The Stahlfolder KH 82 unit has a rated speed of 230 m/min., for a maximum output of 30,000 cph. With the appropriate automation, cross-fold unit setup time can be reduced as much as 80 percent vs. the previous model, the KH 78. Applications include brochures and other commercial print runs from 7,000 to 15,000 sheets. It also can handle long-run book production.

Flexible folder gluer

The Diana X 115 lends itself to customization and can be used for short or long runs. More than 200,000 cartons can be processed per hour at speeds of up to 2,130 fpm. A new collapsible module enables the production of collapsible and lockbottom cartons.

Cutting, stripping and blanking diecutters

The Dymatrix 145 CSB processes sheets up to a maximum format of 41.73 × 57.09 in. and is a good match with the Speedmaster XL 145. The Dymatrix 145 CSB has a rated speed of 8,000 sph and can process materials thicknesses from 80 gsm to 2,000 gsm and corrugated board up to 0.16 in. thick.

The Dymatrix 106 Pro CSB offers an optional automatic feed system DySet, which aligns the sheets precisely prior to transfer to the gripper. When processing reel stock, users can align the sheet laterally with reference to the printing marks or print image. It has a maximum sheet format of 29.92 × 41.73 in and can be paired with a Speedmaster XL 105.

Entry level cutting and stripping

The Varimatrix 105 CS cuts and embosses paper of 80 gsm and above, card or solid board up to 1,400 gsm, and corrugated board up to a thickness of 0.16 in. at up to 7,500 sph with a cutting force of up to 300 tons. It accepts sheets from 3.78 × 15.75 in. to 29.53 × 41.34 in.

Cutting, stripping and foil embossing

The Varimatrix 105 CSF diecutter can be used for hot foil embossing and as a diecutter with stripping function. Metallic effects and multistage/relief embossing can be applied efficiently in a single pass using the hot foil module.

PUR adhesive binder

The Eurobind 4000 perfect binder can processes up to 4,000 books per hour with a net output of up to 95 percent. New options include a criss-crossed delivery, a back-stripping station, a PUR spine nozzle and the Eurotrim 4000 three-knife trimmer.