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"My biggest pet peeve in prepress? Prepress department personnel limiting themselves to the boundaries of the software or hardware tools they use."

Apr 13, 2007 12:00 AM

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"Your biggest advantage in prepress is your mind, not how good or 'not good' Photoshop or Quark does this, that, or the other thing. If you limit yourself to what Adobe, Quark or Microsoft can achieve, you will always be a follower. Think for yourself and go beyond the limitations of the tools at hand. Create an environment where anything is possible, by believing in your ability to overcome. Stop complaining about file submission issues and create an environment to reduce them. Lead the evolution into proper file submission. I'll end with one of my favorite quotes: 'There are two primary choices in life: To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.' - Dr. Dennis Waitley"

Allen Filson, digital prepress specialist, The Sheridan Press (Hanover, PA)

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What's your prepress pet peeve?

From transparency problems to fellow workers eating over the keyboard and "leaving the nice, clear-sided G5 keyboards full of crumbs and peanut shells," this forum catalogs the top prepress gripes:

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