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Products to enhance productivity

Oct 1, 2002 12:00 AM

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Just as in offset printing, digital print engines work best if the paper characteristics are matched to the equipment in use. As we've discussed previously, digital-optimized paper products are designed to ensure users get the most from their equipment investment, both from a quality and productivity perspective.

Productivity can be achieved in the digital pressroom in a number of ways. One includes selecting paper products that save time, labor and paper waste. Printers don't need to waste time and money cutting down folio sheets. Xerox Supplies offers a wide variety of sizes of precision-sheeted, cutsize products that reduce contamination and increase equipment uptime.

Another way to save money and increase productivity is the Xerox Supplies line of prescored products. By choosing prescored greeting cards and trifold brochures, printers can eliminate steps during the production process. Once printed, these items need only be folded, saving the time and effort of printers having to add an additional scoring step. By selecting coated or uncoated prescored products such as Xerox Digital Color Xpressions trifold brochures — all with the Xerox quality guarantee — there is no need to purchase unnecessary specialty finishing equipment for your shop.


A natural outgrowth of prescored products are the Xerox DocuPac presentation folders, which help printers maximize the productivity of color and monochrome printers by expanding the range of products they can offer to customers. DocuPac presentation folders are prescored and self-sealing. The two-piece folder allows printers to image the cover, insert documents and join the back and front together using special prescored, self-adhesive strips. The two-piece folder assembles easily for customized presentations and includes a diecut slot for business cards.

Pockets in the folder are prefolded and readily adhere to the folder. No folding or gluing is required to create customized folders — on demand. DocuPac presentation folders are available in coated and uncoated versions in white, gray and bright white.

One satisfied user of DocuPac folders is an in-plant print shop for a major direct-mail house that prints about two million Xerox cut-sheets a month and has seen a 42 percent increase in cut-sheet production during the past year. The direct-mail company has found that productivity can be increased, especially when running coated papers from Xerox. These coated papers are digitally optimized to work with the high heat of the fuser in digital output devices, thus eliminating blistering and cracking. If the paper coating isn't designed for the high heat, coatings will melt and gum up the inside of the machine. Xerox Supplies has a proprietary coating formulation that works to eliminate these problems. And, for commercial printers, these coated papers also work well in sheetfed offset applications as well as both Xerox and its competitors' digital equipment.

Xerox offers a variety of coated media including coated, two-sided Gloss and Silk products and a cast-coated, one-side SuperGloss product. These papers provide options and are offered in two different finishes, four basis weights and three sizes.


Pre-punched and pre-perforated papers are also available to eliminate time-consuming, post-processing steps. There is no punching or perfing required before binding — simply send printed products straight to finishing equipment.

Xerox Supplies monitors hole punching, perforation and sheet-edge cut quality to ensure a minimum amount of dust generation. Products are punched in web form as they are being sheeted. This means punching is done individually — not through a stack. Drilling holes through stacks can result in imperfect holes, leaving stray fibers to clutter up the digital machine. In addition, drilling stacks can weld sheets together, causing machine jamming.

Qualified Xerox Supplies stock can be perfed either vertically or horizontally in security check stock or non-security-sensitive configurations.

An in-plant shop, for example, used Xerox Digital Color Xpressions 98 Uncoated Cover 100-lb. perforated paper (8.5 × 14-inch sheets) to help control costs for a customer's incentive program. Previously, materials were printed on a roll-fed device and the client had to pay for all the paper wasted during setup at the beginning and end of a run. Now, using cut-sheet Xerox papers, the customer only pays for what is useable.

If all of these standard stocked items don't meet your needs, all pre-perforated, pre-punched and pre-scored products are available in custom configurations.

A retailing giant, for example, was using 22 LaserJet printers to produce 50,000 labels nightly for online and phone orders. This labor-intensive operation took three hours. After workflow analysis and discussions with the retailer, Xerox developed a special diecut and recommended a coplanar label that stays flat in high-volume, high-speed, digital-printing operations. The label utilized Xerox exclusive Xonad technology that prevents adhesive “ooze” when feeding through the machine.

The Xerox solution decreased label processing time at the retailer by 66 percent — from three hours down to one hour.

Productivity in the print shop is important, and Xerox Supplies has the papers and specialty media to boost that productivity while offering unique products and services to the marketplace. Eliminating extra steps, cutting waste, streamlining operations and reducing contamination in digital output devices are just some of the ways selecting the right digital media for your needs can translate into bottom-line profitability.