Buying a used sheetfed press 

Jan 01, 2002

On one hand, you've got more machines coming onto the market through auctions and bankruptcies, and on the other hand, you have a lot of people who are putting off buying a brand-new machine for a year or two but still need to grow, and are buying higher-quality, pre-owned equipment," observes Bill Litviak, sales manager of pre-owned equipment at MAN Roland (Westmont, IL). SAVE MONEY, SATISFY CUSTOMERS

Wide-format printing comes of age 

Jan 01, 2002

As we approach Ipex 2002, wide-format printing is coming of age. Interest in and implementation of wide-format printing is clearly on the rise, if recent vendor activity is any indication. Shortly after Print 01, Oc N.V. (Venlo, Netherlands) announced its acquisition of Gretag's Professional Imaging Division (Costa Mesa, CA), which develops, produces and sells products for the wide-format display

Making makereadies faster 

Nov 01, 2001

The printing industry's razor-thin profits coupled with shorter run lengths leave no room for leisurely makereadies. A press that takes forever to get to that first saleable sheet eats up a lot of paper, time and, of course, money. Automation and computer integration are the hallmarks of makeready on a modern press. Digital links from the press to management-information-system (MIS) and platesetter


Oct 01, 2001

Many printers succeed by developing a particular niche and staying with the same size, run length and type of job. But Design Print Co., a Scranton, PA, commercial printer, refuses to stay static. The six-employee shop, established by James Saks, takes its operating mantra from its owner: Bring us challenging work that no one else wants to tackle. We produce high-end custom work that other printers

tips for offset/digital success 

Sep 01, 2001

As digital-printing technology matures and its cost points recede, printers have begun teaming their conventional offset presses with new digital presses. Their aim: to offer a unique value-added service that can also turn a profit. Transactional printing, newsletters, labels, plastic cards, retail flyers, direct mail and human-resource booklets are the more common applications that benefit from the

UV printing shines 

May 01, 2001

Hybrid inks deliver distinctive, high-gloss, high-quality products When it comes to complex printing jobs, Quality Graphics Center doesn't shy away. Whether it's eight-, 10- or even 12-color work, we don't back off. We take pride in being able to take on difficult jobs that some printers avoid, says Ed Sadler, plant manager for Quality Graphics Center, Inc., a commercial printer that has been operating


May 01, 2001

WE CAN HANG 10 PLATES IN 10 TO 25 MINUTES [ON OUR PERFECTOR]. WE GET OUR FIRST PULL IN 30 MINUTES. The progress of technology and the evolution of the printing market are clearly evident at Sprint Denver, a general commercial printer in Colorado. The company, which has 100 employees and produces high-end annual reports and brochures, has the oldest six-color, 40-inch Komori sheetfed press in North


May 01, 2001

There was a time when copiers were copiers, and presses were presses. But somewhere along the way, copiers became copier/printers, printers became printer/copiers, and presses morphed first into digital presses and then into direct-imaging (DI) presses. Confusing, isn't it? The machines released by Xeikon (DCP-1) and Indigo (e-Print 1000) in 1993 were clearly in a class by themselves. No one could

The 21st century web press 

Apr 13, 2001

While web offset presses today are more efficient and productive than presses of the recent past, many exciting emerging technologies may have a significant impact on web offset press operation and maintenance in the coming years. Today, manufacturers are building presses driven by multiple AC servo motors timed digitally through fiber-optic technology, while highly sophisticated automation features,


Apr 01, 2001

Do you have an above-average PQ? 

Apr 01, 2001

Nobody's perfect, but most makereadies can be a lot better The pressroom is the investment center of most printing operations. It's evident from the balance sheet as well as from a plant tour. Senior management, seeking to improve overall ROI, will find a world of opportunity here. Pressroom managers are well advised to start looking at increasing throughput and press utilization rates just as they

Computer-to-plate or computer-to-press? 

Mar 01, 2001

What's on your mind? "Staying state-of-the-art" was the top concern cited by 61.4 percent of the participants in NAPL's (Paramus, NJ) State of the Industry survey. And the No. 2 concern? "Shortage of skilled prodcution personnel," cited by 57.9 percent. Direct-imaging (DI) and computer-to-plate (CTP) technology can help printers address both of these concerns. But how do you determine which is right

pressing for progress 

Feb 01, 2001

Digital presses haven't yet achieved great market success, but last year's product introductions, feature enhancements and market happenings prove they're on their wayThe digital press market saw plenty of activity during 2000. Key highlights from the year included:* Xeikon's acquisition of Agfa's digital printing division* Hewlett-Packard's (HP) $100 million investment in Netherlands-based Indigo

Midsize sheetfeds: just right 

Jan 01, 2001

Full-sized press features at half-size prices Good things come in small packages, and even medium-sized ones, especially when it comes to half-size presses.Printers and press manufacturers seem to have recognized that bigger isn't always better - sales of half-size presses continue to rise and manufacturers are sinking considerable funds into developing and advancing them."The medium-format press

the WEB gets personal 

Jan 01, 2001

Digital printer enhances client marketing campaigns through Internet-enabled, variable data printingThe Internet has altered the way companies conduct direct marketing. It has led to detailed customer profiles, sophisticated data mining and one-to-one marketing solutions. SunAmerica Mutual Funds (New York City), which recently entered the 401(k) business, is using the Internet in a marketing campaign